Yellowing,moving into grow tent

A question from a fellow grower:

Pls note that i have no budget to spend and have been just scrounging around the house for anything i can use so pls dont flame me for my set up…just trying to make do on my first go at this.
Now after apprx 3 wks, i have 5 plants which vary btwn 6-10" in height and seemed to be growing nicely…however,within the past few days ive noticed some yellowing on some of the leaves/plants so after reviewing some of the images from various sites, seems to look like a Boran or calcium/ or perhaps root rot issue? im really not sure so im hoping that you guys can take a look and let me know what u think.
additionally, since i wasnt thinking that this was going to get outta control (im praying these plants get outta control) i can already begin to smell these and these will need to be moved from my bedroom window sill (yeah that’s where they’re sitting now). Thinking that since i have a spare bathroom in the basement w/single standard showerstall…perhaps setting a grow tent of that size (2’x2’x56") in the showerstall since there’s a window for ventilation using either carbon filter or that Ona (sp) with bucket fan trick that ive seen online. Thoughts?
lastly, would love to share some pics of my really low budget, ghetto window sill grow using whatever lights/pots i could find! send me some love!!!

Light issue -looks good considering your space - really need to double the lighting. get a small fan for air movement even in that space.

you are also going to have to purchase some type of PH testing equipment in order to keep the PH consistent. This is very important. :ok_hand: