Yellowing more from the bottom up

Yellowing from the bottom is typically a sign of a primary nutrient deficiency: NPK (not necessarily all three, of course). They are mobile nutrients, so when newer growth needs it, the older leaves give it up. Could be sulphur, as it’s also mobile.

Could be pH.

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150 w hps sun system , I lowered it just now like u recommended it prob would help a lot @elheffe702

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@blackthumbbetty def got that covered fixed a lot of problems yesterday and getting used to it more

I’d only go a couple inches at a time, with some time in between for the plants to adjust, couple days or so at least.


@elheffe702 noted , thank u for the advice


Hows it looking my guy?


@PurpNGold74 Definitely looking better Preciate you takin interest in her , I have got ph up and a ph calibrator to make sure everything is on point and she is ! I appreciate all the ph help u gave me

The light just turned off as soon as I was taking pictures lol

@PurpNGold74 anything I should do about the smaller nugs on the bottom should I just keep em their ?

I always pop these off around week 3-4 of flower. Wasting energy… plus n can dry em and smoke em. Wont be a good high. But u should get a buzz.

@PurpNGold74 okay thanks for that shall do that when I get hkme cause she’s in her 4th week almost 5

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