Yellowing lower leaves, drying, dying

Lower leaves suddenly yellowing and dying - needed watering today (recent events threw off the watering schedule). Was planning to transplant this weekend, but am unsure they can take the stress… any idea what coild be causing this? Have an intake fan pointed at 4, but one of them is totally fine so shouldnt be too much wind. Fox farm nutes, following their nut guide (boomerang and big bloom right now), happy frog soil, hlg 320 - 24 inches 70% power, 73-76 degrees, 18/6 light cycle. Skywalker, gold leaf, cali dream, blue dream.

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They are hungry. Need to get them transplanted.


Agreed! If you up pot them using the ffhf soil again you wont need to add nutes for a lil bit.



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Like the others said.

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Thanks everyone, i would have done the opposite and attempt to fix a nut issue before transplanting! You guys are always helpful, very much appreciate the answers and guidance!

Ditto on hungry, looks like nitrogen. Yellowing leaves starting at the bottom and moving up the plant.