Yellowing leaves with brown spots

I’ve been battling these yellow leaves with brown spots for about last month……they are usually on the lower branches but I have one plant where it has been trying to creep up. I’ve tried to figure out what it is with pictures but there are several things it’s similar to. Can anyone help me and then tell me how to get rid of it? Thanks in advance :relaxed:

It’s normal for lower leaves on cannabis to yellow and fall off as the plants mature.

That said, the spots might be concerning. It could be spots where water has gotten on the leaves, or it could be a fungus of some type. I suggest a spray of dilute hydrogen peroxide just in case those are mold spots.

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What would amt of peroxide to water would you suggest and how often?

Are there any trees above your grow?

Asking because

If you zoom you may see it looks similar to this

Maybe this is a better example

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It is in an area where trees are but not directly over…

Got ya
I’m in the same kind of boat …tree is pretty much over head but I still have complete southern exposure

I’m always worried after splash from rain is going to cause that to spread to my plants …

Not sure if it’s insect turd or fungus or feeding insects …

I have no solutions except an umbrella when it rains


Yup, I’d check for mites first, you need a strong loupe or scope. Second would be nutrient lock out… you will have to check ph of soil with a soil slurry test

@Lacewing bugs 100% @Luchessa129 what are you feeding? If only rain water it’s clear why she is showing signs of being both N and P deficient. She is either locking out or starving. Imma guess starving