Yellowing leaves with brown edges and spots

1 Bag seed, 1 ILGM auto flower seed from my dad but I don’t know what type.
Outside grow in rhizo fabric pots
Canna Terra professional soil
1 round of nutes while in veg , none since
Now in flowering stage- I don’t know how long but at least 3 weeks
Watering with tap water with water conditioner and try to get PH between 6.0 and 6.5 (only have water based ph tool so not very accurate)
Runoff PH no idea as I don’t have a ph reader. Used the liquid based one and it seemed to be around 6.0 but too hard to tell.

Yellowing leaves with brown edges and spots. Leaves dying off quickly. Leaves pointing upward at top of plant, and curling inward.

There is bud but it is hardly growing at all. There have been white fly problems early in grow, then I put worm pop compost on it and it lessened, however I still see the odd one.

This is my first grow - any help greatly appreciated!
What should I do?

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The tiny white specks looks like a possible bug issue (spider mites??) you’ll need to look really good under your leaves with magnification if you have it.

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Canna Terra Professional Soil is a peat based product which means the only nutrients in the mix are those they add for the first week of growth.

You needed to feed those plants as soon as the second set of leaves started to develop. The only nutrients they have received so far is from the worm poop you gave it.

It is too late to make much difference this grow, but start feeding them every day to get what you can out of the grow…

The soil you use is good, you just need to feed it every day after the first week or two. There is always next time.


Thanks. If I find bugs are the buds no good for consumption?

Thanks! Will do.

What should I feed it with at this stage and is there a natural alternative?

Did you find bugs? If you have some compost, worm poo you could make up some tea but some weed specific bud food will be best and there’s plenty of organic options Your buds are still pretty young looking so they’ll definitely need something before they are ripe

wash after harvest …

So I’ve been adding worm pop tea every day and the buds are definitely growing a lot better. My budget doesn’t stretch to store bought nutes ATM. Any other advice for cheap/home found solutions I’m all ears.

So a question about the medium- if Canna Terra professional requires nutes, am I better off using something else?

I have two friends that planted at the same time as me, both used store bought organic potting mix. Neither bothered with PH, used tap water, no nutrients, plastic pots etc… basically planted it and watered it.

Both did better than mine- bigger, greener, no issues with discoloured leaves or growth.

I’m wondering if I should go that rout next time? I’m only looking to grow enough for personal use.

BTW I will still use pH’d water etc but the question is really around whether I need to buy expensive soil and nutes.

Can you start a compost pile where you live? That would be a great source of inexpensive, high nutrient soil.


Yes I definitely can. I think that the approach for me in future will be planting in the ground, using compost etc…

I just like to be able to move the plants, so I haven’t planted in ground previously. Understand though that you don’t need nutes that way- is that correct?

That’s the theory, although there are things that can be added to enhance certain things like root uptake, or bud development.