Yellowing leaves while in flower


Sweet that is what I hoping for. Thanks buddy!


My pleasure buddy and usually when you see that 90% of the time your 2 weeks away from harvest


@yoshi were you referring to this?? When you said microbe life?


purple is good!!!


Give it about 3-5 days to recover but don’t feed it just yet until you see progress , in soil plants it’s a gradually process unlike hydro , so now the key is keeping your PH consistent , many think if you pour in 6.2 this watering than 6.5 next watering it’s okay , but in some strains it’s very vital even a tenth .3 raise or lower PH can affect the plant responses , but you don’t want to do to much just yet , so if you gave recharge , I’ll wait at least a week before adding anything just yet , only PH water at the same PH before the problems occurred and most plants will adapt after a couple of weeks , than once she show improvement , instead of a full feeding , I’ll do a half gallon with a half measurement of nutrients , wait about 3-5 days and than start from there but let the plant show positive visual progress first , if you get to much going on in the soil to fast , it will only add more headaches . Maybe some of the mentors and moderators will chime in and figure out what went left to cause the problem , but always go light on nitrogen when using Fox Farm Ocean Forest due to the volume of organic factors that’s in the soil , cause if it’s not mixed thoroughly and airy properly , you can have hard pockets where the soil is overly packed and water and oxygen don’t drain through that spot freely and that one pocket I call a hot spot can cause mad headaches , but next time try using the layering technique I shared in one on my late journals , it’s saves you a lot of vegging defiencies due to less organic soil on top and more stronger organic soil on bottom and as the roots mature they grow I to the stronger soil in time so your root system can digest and feed on the stronger balance of organic micro life that save time , keep your plants healthy and prevent transplanting , but that recharge should balance your PH out a little so your plkant can start over and grow new growth .


Thanks @Yoshi for all the info. Very informative.


Just a little update. The plant that was yellowing is still yellowing so I needed to water with plain water because I just hit it with some nutrients and recharge. As I found out that the pH was about 6.8 and the ppm was about 2500 from the runoff of the pH water. So I gave it a flush with sledgehammer and added some nutrients back in to see if it will at least slow it down. Now I know that I am late in flowering and the leaves will yellow a bit. I do think that my high pH had something to do with the yellowing.

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This is telling you the plants aren’t using their food


So does that also mean there is a lock out and the plant can’t absorb nutrients. Too high of pH


I would just water her @Smokin_ernie for now
As @Majiktoker stated it just not eating a lot at this point with out seeing pictures so
6.8 isn’t bad at the high end for soul but still exceptable
Most likely you where just over feeding her a bit


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971 yeah that is what I was going to give her just pH water. She is close to finishing so won’t have too many waterings.


Perfect yeah let here finish then bro
You already flushed her so just ph till harvest
Can you post a picture bro I’d love to see her before you chop her down :+1: @Smokin_ernie


I get a pic today


Hey @Countryboyjvd1971 what you think?

It looks like autumn leaves in my tent. Must be an New England strain!!:rofl::rofl: fall is a coming and soon it will be harvested maybe about a week.


Looking good. She still have a few white pistils… Only whit a magnifier you will see when she’s ready :+1:


Yep, she’s getting close! 2500 ppm runoff that late is awful high. Check the runoff of just plain pH water and see what it reads @Smokin_ernie She’s gonna be fine!


Well today was the day!! Timber!! Alien og cut down.


Timber! Nice! @Smokin_ernie