Yellowing leaves while in flower


It must not been to something on Amazon. You can post a link to anything on Amazon.


oh, I see :slight_smile:


Yeah don’t violate the rules , keep the community clean and fun , clean and green happy growing !


Will do @BIGE!! It has been delivered. I will be feeding them in a day or two.


You can recharge every feeding !


@yoshi you can give another name/brand of this product? I don’t find it in Europe.


It’s other brands but only amazon products is allowed here so I won’t violate policy , just look up recharge and then search the ingredients of the compound to see if you find a match . I’m not on here as often as I used to be now I have the facility going in the beginning stage , but I don’t want to post anything that’s against policy . I stay within the community rules , but you can find something I’m sure similar .


I don’t link’s or name of websites @yoshi, just the product name of something similar. :hushed:


Look up products with humus in it in Europe for plants and mycorrhizae that should help !


Well went and done it added the recharge last night. So we will see how things pan out. The plant still in question of yellowing leaves even with the sledgehammer flush and adding of nutrients. They are about the same but noticed that some of the sugar leaves are starting to yellow a bit. Should I be worried?

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@Smokin_ernie remind me how old she is and how far into flowering?


@Smokin_ernie pictures
Could be old damage just showing it self watch new growth to gauge health


@bob31 I got her as an established plant and had it about 40 days before I changed the lights and it has been about 36 days since I did that. So total around 75-80 days old. I was told that it is an auto so it would be finishing up soon. There are a lot of white hairs still I can see some brown hairs.


That is kind what I was hoping just old damage @Countryboyjvd1971 . I going to try and get some pics tonight.


Tag me when you post brother hopefully I’m still awake hahhaha


You got it brother.


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It isn’t turning yellow any more now it is turning purple. Thinking it maybe the genetics and it just is but could be wrong.


Dude I’m shade color blind so I can’t see the color that well in pics what turning purple the leaves ?
@Majiktoker you have any thoughts here
I thinking you have something going on buddy
@Hogmaster you have any thoughts


Yes leaves just around the buds and couple fan leaves. All near the top.


When leaves turn purple like that its a genetic trait showing that the indica in the plants genetics are maturing @Smokin_ernie and id wait 2 more weeks if it were me