Yellowing leaves while in flower


have you ever tried re-charge @Smokin_ernie?


It is has been a while never changed it so it is probably about 70 days if I had to guess. @bob31


Not sure what that is @BIGE


100ppm seems really high for that soil at that age. I found mine really started to drop off at around the 4-6 week mark. Have you calibrated that TDS Meter? @Smokin_ernie

I’m gonna check my last grow in OF and see what ppm readings I was getting at 10 weeks. BRB


@Smokin_ernie I take it back that is pretty consistent with what I was seeing too!


give it a look on amazon @Smokin_ernie


Good point @bob31 on checking meter. I will have to do that. It seems to be in check because I know my well water is around the 500 but then again it wouldn’t hurt to check it.


Just checking it out @BIGE it sound like good stuff great reviews. Have you used it?


i have not,i’m in coco…but i think @yoshi on here uses it…i have got my names mixed up before,so please excuse me if that is the case…lol
when i get in the shed i will try soil again when i have more room.
another product i’m going to try is flower fuel…


Fox farm ocean forest is good , but if you starting seeds or clones , try layering your soil from top to bottom with less organic soil on the top like happy frog or light warrior or pro mix sunshine #4 with 5-7-8 fertilizer and earth work casting mixed in it and about a 1/4 cup of crushed lime and flush it out a few times , but by layering your pots is very beneficial to save you a transplant process cause as the root mass grows , the plant matures in much more stronger organic soil as it grows , so it’s a win win in my book , less stress , less labor from transplanting , and you go start to finish in the same pot . It’s a beginners best options I think , I normally put ocean forest on the bottom , light warrior or miracle grow moisture control bout halfway and happy frog the remaining top and mist spray it for about 2-3 weeks until she ready to feed , I always give 2.5 ml of nutrients 3rdfight at the end of week one and start raising the 'll by .5 each week until I’m at a full feeding . Always keep you a jar of "Recharge " and check into Microbe Life you’ll love them for the rapid response and vigorous growth help in your soil plants .


Wow!]@yoshi is backkkkkkkk!!!
:heart_eyes::wink::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:what’s up man? How are?


Thanks @yoshi very informative. That recharge sounds like good stuff.


You won’t grow another plant without it once you see the results .


I browse through periodically , I just be in the shadows mostly , been really busy with my plans and business , but I still check post and pictures .


Is this it? @Yoshi


Yes that’s it , I promise you won’t ever grow without again once you witness the benefits how it perk up your plants .


I have some on order. Looking forward to try it.


keep us posted on this @Smokin_ernie so everyone could benefit …lol


hmmmm, I posted the same product of a different brand a week ago and they said I was breaking the rules here and disabled the link…