Yellowing leaves under canopy - Blueberry Muffins

Hey Folks.

Underneath the canopy I have some yellow leaves. I am feeding with Biobizz nutrients and I am sure I haven’t over fed them. Using just Biogrow / Fish Mix and Bio heaven. I have noticed the plants first hairs also.

Shall I just remove the leaves as maybe is where the sunlight doesn’t reach? I’m a little worried and hope it doesn’t spread.

It is happening with the Amnesia Haze CBD also but much less. Just a few in the middle lower area where isn’t much sun.

I did read about before the post but couldn’t find exact situation. Most were over feeding or in late flower. Thanks in advance for any advice with this.


@Daniel_S what you’re seeing is a cannabis plant doing its cannabis thing. As your girl matures she pulls nutrients from the fan leaves thus turning them yellow as the nutes in the leaves are used up. 100% normal. Your girls look really healthy! You can let them fall off naturally or you can pluck them as you go. Nothing to chase or worry about. Looks like you’re doing everything right.
Happy Growing!


@Thatbaldguy gotcha covered, just a natural progression. Middle and upper leaves yellowing would be a concern :love_you_gesture:


Plants look great. It’s normal for the plant to shed the lower leaves as it matures.


Well that’s brilliant news and thanks for taking the time to explain to me. Woo hoo. I just hope when they flower they don’t outgrow the Polytunnel hhaha


Thanks man. Glad u think they looking good. I can’t wait to see these blueberry muffins in full flower mode.


Awesome indeed. Thanks for the reply man.


Beautiful plant keep up the good work.


Thanks so much. They are beautiful plants. Can’t imagine when covered in mature buds. Too exciting hahh


Looking good!



Hey man. Sorry to bother but I was hoping you would let me know if you think this is still ok? That yellowing has infiltrated a bit more.

You still reckon is ok or is something more. All three are kind of doing.

Thanks again

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I think they look good. It’s normal for plants to shed a few leaves. Sucking the nutrients out of them I think. They look like they are mostly of the lower part of plants which is good.

It looks worse in real life. There are yellow leaves half way up the plant. Let’s see. Hopefully is just natural. Thanks man

You could try and up the feeding amounts a little a see if that helps. Without knowing the runoff ppm’s it kinda hard to say for sure.