Yellowing leaves time to feed?

Hi guys

First timer with some deficiency signs on my plants. I’m using coco with a 30% perlite mix.

I’m about 2 weeks in my grow. I have been only watering my plants with tap water phed between 5.5-6.5. My plants started dropping down (One of them is very droopy). I’ve stopped watering for the last 3 days waiting for the medium to go dry. They came back (but the very dropping one) but now my plants are looking a bit yellow. I’ve done some research and I think it’s time to feed them as they are showing deficiency signs.

I’m using green planet GP3 3 parts fertilisers + green planet calmag.

They recommend 0.75ml per Litre of micro, grow and bloom and 1.25ml per litre for calmag. I’ve done the first feed but I’ve only used a quarter for everything as I’m afraid to over feed them. Got 4litres of water and only used the measurements for 1L always phing between 5.5-6.5 . Was that a good move or as they might be showing deficiency signs I probably should’ve used the recommended dosage?

Thank you in advance.

I haven’t transplanted them yet as they are quite little (second set of serrated leaves only popping out now) they are in the red plastic cups atm. Will send photos as soon as I get home.

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You definitely need to put up photos. Try to take pics in natural light or just flash from camera. Please take some of entire plant and some closer up of effected leaves.


Overall they don’t look to bad. The first pic I see that it does have a little yellow appearance.

6.5 is to high in coco. You should be PHing 5.8 to 6.0 , I’m not familiar with your nutrient line but I believe that you can continue nutes and they will be fine. I will go ahead and tag a couple of people that has more experience and can give some advice. @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower

@Bulldognuts luckily I have done the last 2 waters plus the one from today with the nutes at 5.8.

So they got droopy in Sunday and now most of them came back after I stopped watering for a few days. Only 1 that is still curling.

Thank you for the feedback. I’m a stress head, that’s probably why I smoke :joy:

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Regarding the nutes, they were the closest to General hydroponics I could find locally.

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I’m assuming that this is your first grow. It’s easy to get a little stressed when you aren’t sure if you are screwing up. I haven’t grown in coco so I can’t be completely sure that there’s not really a major problem. That’s why I went ahead and tagged a couple of people with more experience.

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It is my first grow. I have done A lot of research for over a year now and finally decided to do it. I’m not expecting much out of this first try. I just want to understand it all and see where I can improve as a grower and my equipment.

I would’ve liked to grow with soil but I wasn’t sure what to buy in Australia as I can’t find Foxfarm here.


I’ll tag a couple of aussies on forum. They may be able to help out on things that you may need. @Enlightened420 @kettle


@Bulldognuts, thanks for the tag.

Greetings fellow Ozzy Gromie.

I have purchased a lot of products from this company including this super soil and can attest to the quality of their products.
I had much the same struggle you are facing, sourcing products, then my amazing wife found OGS. Hope this helps.

Good vibes and good luck :v:

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The schedule seems reasonable. Ppm meter will help thing go smoother if you have one. They also use the TDS/PPM system. Here’s their schedule.
As a young plant you want to keep it around the 300ppm ish number.
5.8 is the ph number you’re looking for.


Pictures tell me that likely is a ‘damping off’ issue. Watering practices should be: clear dome over seedling, mist inside of dome twice a day for two weeks. They don’t need any more than a tablespoon or so per day. This allows the plant to develop a tap root and search for moisture.

No feeding until the first set of smooth leaves (cotyledons) yellow.

I would strongly suggest investing in a good PH meter and TDS meter. Strips and drops are not very precise.

If plants are outside make sure they do not see direct sunlight while under a dome.



Thank you for that. I have been using domes over the plants but mainly on the first week. I’ll put them back.

I have a Ph pen but will look for a TDS meter

Should I get a humidifier instead of using the domes? My RH is usually sitting on 45-55%.


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That’s a good place to be for most of the grow. Just leave the domes until you transplant or 2 weeks have gone by, either one. Be sparing of your watering until the plant is large enough to drink heavily. Until then you won’t be watering to runoff.


Ooh good to hear. I’ll keep the Rh like that then. The plants are about 2 weeks old already, they’ve been very slow growers. Should I just leave them in those cups for another 2 weeks?

And I have been using a bottle spray to water them, mainly when the top layer of dirt is dry. If I should only mist the domes I’ll stop the watering.

Thank you