Yellowing Leaves into flowering

I’m going on week 4 of flowering and I’m progressively getting more and more yellowing/dying of my fan leaves. I’m assuming this is a nitrogen issue but I’ve read where you should taper off the nitrogen supplements when flowering starts but I hate to see such yellowing on my plant. I only use fox farm supplements. I use cal-mag, big bloom and tiger bloom usually but recently bought beastie blooms to add in. I’ve even put about a half teaspoon of grow big (nitrogen supplement of FF trio) into every feeding to try and keep a little nitrogen going in since I’ve been seeing these yellow leaves since before I switched to 12/12 cycle. Temperature/humidity/lighting is all in check, and I’m using FFOF as my soil. This is my first grow so any advice would be helpful. Thanks guys!

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What is the ph and ppm of your run off. I used them nutes for a few years and had lock out problems at the start of flower and then every 2/3 weeks after. My ppms would get up around 1700 to 2500 and ph would drop to low 5s. That locks your plant out and does not alow for nute intake. Check those number if you can and get back to US. Flushing reset every time so no biggie.

If your numbers look good you may have to feed more. At that stage I fed 2 tsps of grow big, 2 tsps of big bloom. 2 tsps of tiger bloom plus a 1/4 of bestie blooms. Per gallon of water. That is what their schedule says about this stage of flower.


First, welcome to the forum and congrats on your first grow! I just finished my second grow and it is so stressful to have issues after all the TLC you’ve put into them.

What is the TDS and pH of your runoff? Day and night temps? Can you do a soil slurry test for the soil pH? I use FF and gradually decreased the Grow Big until a week or so into flowering (not 12/12 switch) I was advised that adding nitrogen into flowering will slow the buds from getting fatter, but the leaves shouldn’t be that yellow yet. When you get that info maybe we can tag one of our experts :slight_smile: