Yellowing leaves in flowering!...?

just hit 4 weeks flowering. Buds are doing great but what’s going on with these fan leaves? What’s this mean?

Fan leaves store nutrients and in flower the p[lasnt sometimes uses this reserve as it needs it and the fan leaves yellow and die off, It also could be that you need to bump up your nutrient strength; However you gave us no data on your solution, ph, etc

I’m using Robert full line of boosters…I’ve been keeping all the water my plants ever touch PH’d between 6-6.5…
They’ve been getting 1 liter of water each every 3 days and nutrients are applied every other feeding

Some fading late in flower is normal, and the top picture they almost look normal.

But the removed leaves look like something else, it really looks like a pH issue. Are you growing in soil, soil-less media or hydro?

@MacGyverStoner Soil in 5 gal smart pots…

What kind of soil? And are you sure the pH is the same at the lower area of the soil where most of the roots are?

@MacGyverStoner miracle grow, best I could find locally.

I am not sure about that, how would i test? runoff? currently my pots are sitting in drain trays but the runoff gets absorbed within a minute or two.

Unless you have an accurate soil probe, yup, testing the run off is about the only other way.

And here is another way, if you haven’t already seen this: