Yellowing leaves in early veg

Beginning week 3 1/3 plants is looking completely normal. One (sour diesel) of the other two has not really grown at all and the other’s (ak-47) leaves seem to be turning yellow. Any suggestions? Should I just double down on my one (super skunk) that’s doing good?

Also, during planting it seems that I got way off from center on my AK-47. Should I move her to the center of the pot? If so, how?

Soil looks extremely wet…
Let the plant dry out before you water again…
That will cause premature yellowing…
Also , you started out in big pot’s , plant’s are going to work on growing roots for a while before they start to grow uptop…


I’m with you @peachfuzz. It does look pretty wet.


Not worth the risk. Makes it easier to LST. Just start in that direction.


Might help to know more. What soil, ph of water in, maybe even water out. How much and how often watering, as well as any nutes you have been using.

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The soil is a mixture of ~3 part coco, ~3 part mushroom compost, ~2 part perlite, ~1 part worm castings. I just tried to dial in my ph to 6.8. I’m currently only watering about every other day. Maybe I should try to go every two? And no nutes. I wasn’t sure which direction to go in.

In terms of wetness, I had just watered them down, but maybe too much. Should I just let them dry out a little bit?

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You shouldn’t be watering on a schedule. You will want the soil to dry before watering again. Alot of people use the “lift a pot method” there is a stark difference between a waterd pot and an needing to be watered pot. Lift the pot if its light then its time to water. Others use simple garden testers

To judge of soil is dry.

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