Yellowing leaves I'm blueberry Auto 60 days old how do I get my pH Down

Continuing the discussion from Blueberry Auto is at 60 days just flowering. 3 feet tall is this normal:

Can anybody help me with these yellow leaves. I’m using Fox Farm ocean Forest with all three nutes from Fox farm also . Trying to lower my pH because it is at 7 or a little over seven right now and needed to be at about 6.5. I think that’s why I’m getting yellowing leaves. Any help would be helpful guys. I will attach a picture

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you just gotta get that ph down. she should be finishing up in about 3 weeks or so. small buds for her age for sure. has she been stressed? bad weather?

Flowering has just begun. If you can, flush your soil. Nutrient buildup will cause ph to rise. You probably have a good 4-6 weeks left

Your BB is looking like it’s on the same schedule as my Amnesia Haze that you commented on on the other thread. I’m on something like day 70 with no real flowers yet but they’re just starting. I think some of these plants just need more time, esp when they’re this huge.

What size pot is she in? You saw I had to transplant mine into a 10 gallon.

Do you have Ph DOWN?

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I do have pH Down and up. I’ve been trying to get this right but I’m still at 7 or a little over. When you flush what is your method. After you flush how long do you wait before you add nutes again. I would really hate to lose this cuz it is a beautiful plant but the yellowing leaves is really causing me to believe I got root bound because of the size of my container but at this point I don’t believe it would be wise to transplant. What are your thoughts. All I know is I need to get this PH down immediately so this plan will start taking nutrients again God bless and please any help from anybody will be so helpful

it shouldn’t be hard to get the Ph down- just add a few drops at a time until you get to where you want. I’d probably fix that first before transplanting. i hope someone else chimes in though because i’ve never grown in soil and am too new at this. but when i flush i flushed maybe 3x the pot size in water and then fed the following day at 50% but many will way to do feed right away at the proper ph after the flush so that it gets the good stuff in asap.

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Good looks bro