Yellowing Leaves Halfway through Flowering

During the third week of flowering some leaves on one plant started turning yellow, I gave them 1 Tablespoon of unsulphered molasses in a gallon of water a couple days before this happened. As the 4th week of flowering started I gave them ¼ Teaspoon of DynaGro Bloom in a gallon of water. The water has a PH of 6.0. 400 Watt HPS with CFL side lighting on 3 sides. Temps are from 85 with lights on to 70 with the lights off. I had a humidity problem during lights off for a while but that is fixed now. I have a filtered vent that is on when the lights are on and several small fans on all the time. Now I’m in the 5th week of flowering and one plant is really starting to turn yellow. There are 4 plants total and the yellowing goes from bad on one, two aren’t so bad and one isn’t yellow at all. All the plants were taken care of exactly the same. They are White Widow Fem from ILGM

I used this soil mix. I used Alaska Fish Fertilizer instead of fish/seaweed emulsion. I did use the mycorrhizal but I think mine was mycorrhizae. I mixed it many times over a week to mix it well.

1 Bag Promix (4 cu ft)
6 cups Bone Meal - phosphorus source
2 cups Blood Meal - nitrogen source (as an expense saver 6 cups Bone/Blood meal mix may be substituted with varied success depending upon mix ratio)
1 cup Epsom salts - magnesium source
3 cups dolomite lime -calcium source & pH buffering
2 cups fish/seaweed emulsion – micro nutrients, amino acids, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium

*Optional, but highly recommended especially for organic growers, is a mycorrhizal innoculant. Whatever brand you choose, be sure the spore count is above 60 per 50ml and that it contains no fertilizer additives.

Should I give them more DynaGro Bloom or molasses? Or do something else.

The picture was taken yesterday, day 2 of the 5th week of flowering

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As you get close to harvest there be more yellowing .
The start of it is from lack of nitrogen which there is a lack of when switching nutrients during flower stage.
They will be fine you have three weeks to go or if you want add a little nitrogen with your next feeding.

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Normal , just cut them bottom ones , you don’t want the plant trying to feed the damaged leaves when she got buds to feed .

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Thank You for the replies

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