Yellowing leaves during flowering


A question from a fellow grower:

I have a problem
with my plants ,now they have already reached flowering period but
they keeps on changing the lower leaves to yellowish. What should we
do or add as nutrients cz I already use bio bloom at this stages but
still no changes?


Yellowing of leaves in flower is normal as long as it’s the fan leaves - this indicate’s the the plant has used all the nutrient’s of that leaf - Generally start’s at the bottom and works it way up
. Yellowing should not start until week 4 of flower


I think you switched your nutrients from veg to flower to fast . Whenever you switch from veg to flower you still have to give your plant at least 1-2 % of nitrogen , and if you switch the plant to rapidly , instead of doing it gradually in stages , your plant will lockout the nitrogen and cause ph swings in your soil or hydro reservoir , but I’m just guessing from what you stated . For better help from staff you need to fill out a support ticket on what you done , so when can better understand where you went wrong or the grow . Flowering plants still require nitrogen in the first 4 weeks of flower .


Now you can flush the plant with double the size of the pot you growing in with ph water at 6.5 , and let plant dry out almost completely , at least 2-3 days depending on temperature of the grow room , than you can give another feeding of Bloom nutrients with half the amount of your last veg nutrients , give 2.5 ml of cal -mag and water , water , at least twice before feeding again and watch to see if plant gets better . If not than we will need a support ticket for better instructions .


Yea, I agree but some cultivators use the no “n” in flower stage example
early flower - week 1-2 - “P” amounts higher than “K” amounts (Bud Blood 0-30-25)
middle flower week 3-4 - "K " amounts higher than “P” amounts (Big Bud 0-1-3)
late flower - weeks 5-6 - “P” amounts higher than “K” amounts (bud blood 0-30-25)

can finish off with Budswell use