Yellowing leaves during flowering is normal?

Soul oh 6.7
About 6 weeks into flowering
Should I leave them or cut them ?


Yellow ones won’t turn green. I’d prune them and save the plant the energy. What nutes you using?

Take a picture of the whole plant leaves turning yellow at the end of flower is normal but to early can be a sign of a deficiency

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Your plant is hungry

100% agree.

You’re near the finish line (probably 2-6 more weeks, that’s a broad stroke, I know, but it makes sense to me based on the bud structure) but I’d add some nutrients to your soil now so she can build buds better in the final weeks.

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OK I’ll try one more time; What Nutrients are you using? And the answer to your question is No don’t chop just because some lower leaves are yellowing. Most bloom nutes contain less nitrogen so the plant takes the N from its own leaves toward the end. Let it concentrate it’s energy on bud development. This late in flower it does not need the fan leaves down low.

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General Hydroponics GH5122 BioThrive Grow,

So Grow is 4-3-3 but Bloom is 2-4-4 with GH5122.
If you are feeding grow at 4-3-3 there should be enough N. So I’d feed the bloom till harvest and prune the yellow. You may have pH issues to deal with. But they are not ready yet, and they will fatten those buds for weeks. Good luck!

@6stringT thank you !