Yellowing leaves and slight reddish hue developing

Gorilla glue auto getting weird on me. Anyone know what may cause this? Thanks everyone.

They look like they are about 4 weeks of flower so its a little early for them to start yellowing like they should at week 6 or 7. If you are growing in soil, check the run-off water and make sure the Ph is in the 6.2 to 6.8 range otherwise you may have a Ph lock-out. If this seems to be the case, flush them with 6.5 Ph filtered water and wash out the possible salt build up in the pots. Your run-off water’s PPM should be close to what you put in… Let them dry out and see if they bounce back. Remember, you’re growing flowers not leaves. No worries, plenty of growing pros will jump in and offer you some help too. Provide more info like soil mix, nutrients used, tent temps, humidity and lights… The more info, the better :sunglasses:

I’m growing in coco. My pH is 6.2-6.4. the ppms were around 1000 at runoff if I remember correctly. I check everytime I water.

ph of 5.8 is the sweet spot for coco