Yellowing leaves and purple stem


I am having troubles with my 2 month old plant can someone help me out please!


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What are you feeding this plant, and what is the Ph?


Looks like my old blackthumb! Using hot soil? Hard water? PH? Feed amounts? LED lights too close? Runoff pH & tds?

Just going on looks, you probably have some sort of lockout happening, or possibly led light burn.

Depending upon your answers, a flush will most likely be your first step.


Your ph is way out of whack and your probably over feeding which is only going to make things worse… you need to flush with water that has a ph of 6.5… once you start getting that reading from your runoff then you need to take a ppm reading , so you can see if you need to feed her… once you find out the ppm reading then you can mix up some nutrients based on her age and what stage of growth your in … (ie) early flower , mid flower , late flower … :wink:



I’m not sure at this point what my ph is I think it’s on the low side how would I go about flushing?

I use distilled water, and have fed 0 times since I started been trying to keep it natural because I didn’t want to over feed,led is 12” and I am using fox farm ocean forest.

This is the only plant I have that is having troubles both my other girls have no issues especially my youngest who is thriving WAY MORE than her sisters under the same conditions I have been having troubles with this girl from day 1 and I just don’t know what to do :confused:


You need to run at least 3 x’s the size of the pot usually… so if your in a 5 gallon pot then you need to run 15 gallons of water through her… if you dont have the tools to check your ppm or your ph … failure is always going to be right around the corner… now since you said that you haven’t given her any nutrients and your using fox farm soil … she might be hungry… but fox farms is pretty good soil so I’m still leaning towards your ph being out of whack… if your ph is out of whack then your plant can’t take up any of the nutrients in the soil…
You really need to go on Amazon and get the tools to find out what your ppm and ph is… then you will need to get some ph up and ph down so you can regulate your water’s ph…
Without knowing those variables I’m just taking a guess as to what you should do next… :wink:
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Magnesium issues, if you’re using distilled water you need to at least try and add a bit of calmag or Epsom salt, but yea your ph is out of whack as well


Here is a cheap Ph and TDS combo pack meters.

This is Ph Up and Down.


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Ok I’m getting ready to flush but I have a question I am getting very close to harvest with this plant and I heard after flushing you need to add nutrients to replace the ones lost will this affect the taste of the outcome of the plant? Or could I get away with not nuting since I am using a hot soil like ffof? I am scared that if I flush and don’t add nutes I will make her even worse :sob:


Added details I do have ph up and ph down already and a ph meter but not a ppm meter and don’t think I could get one in time


If you’re close to harvest you don’t want to add nutes. Adding nutes now will give you harsh weed.


Yes I am over 2 months and this little lady is a auto so she is very close her youngest sister is already ready even though she was the runt I really think the PH has really set my oldest back at least 2 weeks :frowning:


If you’re that close to harvest then don’t worry about it. Just do the flush with 6.5 Ph water, no nutes for two weeks before harvest. She’s going to finish the nutes in the soil and then eat herself. This will give you really good smooth weed.


Awesome thank you so much :slight_smile:

Next time I’m going dwc this soil grow was way too nerve wrecking :confused: