Yellowing leaves and pistals starting to turn

I’m almost into my 5th week of flower and I just noticed some can leaves going yellow, and piatals starting to turn.I’m just alil concerned because this strain is afgani kush and its flowering time is 8 weeks.much bids arnt quite as big as the last time I grew this strain and these are clones I’m including some pics so please help me trouble shoot this possable issue.



How old was the mother when you took the clones that alone will tell us a lot. and the fact that your only three weeks away from harvest tells me that your plant is starting to finish up and using all her stored nutrients.
When you take a clone from a mother the clone is that age also.
So I don’t think you have anything to worry about.


Thanx for easing my mind.the mother was about 6 weeks old .amd I thought thw same thing but my buds seem to have stalled.shouldnt they be plumping up? My day temps are about 72 and my night temps are 7 or 8 degrees colder amd I’m umder a 1000 watt hps

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When your plant starts it’s last week before harvest. Turn your lights off so that you have complete darkness for 48 hr’s or longer. The plant goes into life saving mod and she pumps up her buds they will swell up giving you a better yield. I do it every time.

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I did that my last harvest almost rite after my did seem to help.


Also; normal clones often are not as vigorous as the mother. That’s why a lot of folks take clones from a flowering plant to produce a monster cropped clone. THESE babies can be bigger than the mother!

Lots of factors can play into the flower development but I see lots of white pistils still which is a good indicator of active bud stacking. Plants will often pause in flower too at different points. The pot size, nutrient load, lights, temps, humidity etc will all play into the yield from plant to plant.