Yellowing leaves 6wks flower

I have an outdoor plant in a 25g pot that is at 6wk mark in flower and i am getting yellow leaves. No leaves changing on upper part the colas. The weather is really weird in New England this year from very hot earlier to temps getting close to 40F in the evening. I am using Neptunes Harvest fish and sea weed (2-3-1) and rose and flower (2-6-4) alternating at every watering. I know the leaves yellow towards the end but its like their isnt enough N. There isnt any signs of lockout on the leaves. They are just yellow. The strain is Unicorn poop. Im not finding much on the strain (it was given to me) other than effects.
All that said I think im ok. Seems like i should be doing something for her and dont think i need to add N at this point.
Opinions welcomed

Welcome @BakedDog some pictures in natural light will help the community assist you further thanks

Stay safe :sunglasses::love_you_gesture:


Welcome. Pictures would help, but sounds like you have it figured out.


Will do. I thought of that after. Ill post when i get in tonight. Thanks for looking

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The yellow leaves are you sure they’re not just natural?
The yellowing leaves you are referring to…are they the long stem then yellowing? If so don’t stress its natural it’s a stage they molt in preparation for the sugar leaves to take over oh, you can take them off you can let them go and in a week they Brown and you just touch them and they fall right off, they will not suck up any of your nutrients or anything like that it’s a natural process the plant is getting rid of them on their own

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Here a a couple pics. I think I am over-stressing but, i just want to make sure she makes it to the end.

Thanks everyone

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@BakedDog Looks right on schedule to me!


Yes that is totally natural your plant needed those desperately at one time and now you’re plant says they’re a burden and time to go they yellow then turn brown and you just touch him and I’ll fall off or you can just clip them off yourself don’t stress your right on time everything looks beautiful


@Jaystr0 @Teri thanks! This is my organic experiment and was worried :wink: it wasnt getting what it should. Smells beautiful and full. I have another, different strain, that im using Jacks and it wasnt yellowing as much, which is why i questioned. That one was a clone and seemed to be struggling in the beginning. Its about a week behind.
Thanks again for getting me off the ledge :grin::sunglasses:

You are so very welcome this is definitely the place you want to be the knowledge that the people on here have is overwhelming but very easily understood

HELP!! Can anyone tell me how I salvage this lil guy?! First time grower in GC, outdoor grow

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I’m not an expert by any means but, my white widow auto did the same thing last grow. I chalked it up to over watering.
But what is the strain, how long far in, it’s still small, are using using nutrients, soil type, type of lighting any recent changes? Mine made it thru till harvest but was ugly. I changed my watering schedule and it helped but didn’t have beautiful green leaves.
All said you’ve come to that right place

Sometimes seeds have some kind of genetic whoops to them and this is what happens they get some kind of genetic thing and they just will not make it there is no saving this it’s done there’s nothing you can do to bring that back oh, I’m really sorry

Removed wasn’t relevant