Yellowing leaves 4 weeks flower

Strain; Type, Bag seed, = FEM AK47 3 plants from seeds ILGM
Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? = Soil Fox Farm Forest only
System type?NA
PH of runoff from soil? =PH 6.8 and 200ppm on tpm meter
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS = .4 ml bud boost
Indoor or Outdoor=indoor
Light system, size?=400 HPS about 18inches away
Temps; Day, Night. =79 degrees/ 68 degrees
Humidity; Day, Night= 40%
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size =Yes 400 CFM w/carbon in 3.5 foot x 2.5 foot x 6 foot closet
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, =None
Co2; Yes, No= N
Hi everyone working on my second grow very satisfied with first but had nute burn.
This time I have a ph pen and Tpm pen. 28 days into flower now and have yellow leaves here and there mostly on bottom but slowly crawling up plant. Using Dennis Green Marijuana booster nutes. Attempting a Scrog but shabby at best.
Transitioned per feed schedule from veg to flower feed over two weeks then stopped veg feed. They are drinking about 1 gallon every 3rd day with about 5% run off from 7 GAL fabric pots. Mixing about 4ml bud boost every other watering. Gave .3ml last night veg high nitro just guessing deficiency. I think my Ph is a little high and may be my prob. Thanks for any help. Have small fans above and below screen.

looking good!!
It is hard to see an issue without natural light…have any other pics??

without seeing clearly I would chalk it up to being natural,…leaves start to turn yellow as your plant gets closer to harvest…the buds are using up the nutrients in the leaves…

I could be dead wrong,…but need a clearer picture to be sure.

I will get some more snaps. If you tap on the pic you can see closer. Hard to see how much yellow is popping up your right. Just worried how many leaves are going verse 4-6 more weeks. Thanks for the response

Edited for bad pics

…need pictures in natural light

Para my lights just came on, color me green but what do you mean natural light. Sorry for dumb ?

Everything’s yellow under the sodium take a picture with the house lights or the sunlight or the camera flash …white light is natural light

Thanks im a dork. Lol

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As you switch to bloom food you reduce nitrogen which is what keeps the fan leaves going. The plant will eat the fan leaves for their nutes during flower so yellowing from the bottom up is the symptom. While the sugar leaves are still green yer probably ok. Grows can get pretty ratty looking by the end sometimes while the buds are beautiful.


@MacGyverStoner has an answer for this I am sure… I want to say it is nitrogen and natural… but you say there is still several weeks of flowering left…so we may be dealing with an issue that needs addressed.

Thanks Stomper, first grow was nute burn but made it a solid harvest because Paranorman, Magiktoker and others jumped in and said emergency flush now!!! That saved my grow. This is my second and I am babysitting these girls. Been a better grow so far and I continue to learn. Thanks for the input, hopefully someday I will be the helper.

Thanks Oak I really appreciate all input.

I have noticed on my Scrog that the plant producing the most buds and likely to be the most root bound is the one with more yellow leaves at the screen level. I’d love to hear MacGs take.

My scrog is not quite right, I needed to weave and tuck more but was worried about damaging. Second grow second scrog small area. Reduced my grow from 5 plants the frirst grow to 3 this time, plant seems to be producing better with less competition for space. I will get this right yet, this forum and the people here are awesome.

So far from everything you’ve said and everything I’ve seen it appears that your plants have enough nutrients because you can see a little bit of tips burning but at the same time you said you’re giving them a gallon of water every 3 Days and their in 7 gallon pots, you might be over-watering just a little bit ,you really have to look at that because over-watering will lead to pH issues and that’s just my two cents, but really keep an eye on your watering it almost looks like it’s from overwatering, every time I’ve used bigger pots I can water less and less hope that helps…



Any thoughts on new photo?, thank you for your time.

Thank you next grow dropping down to 5 gals.

@yoshi is the one who can hook you up on the scrog! He will know!
-best wishes!

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