Yellowing Leafs

I have 3 plants that are approximately 2months old. The seed was just from some decent commercial grade so nothing special. More of just a trial and error shot at growing. More less just to figuer out the do’s and dont’s and to see how well my grow box is doing. The new leafs coming on are a yellowish green in the middle of them. Until now they have been growing great, several branches and big beautiful sets of 9! Are they lacking in a specific mineral or did i maybe burn them when i dissolved a jobes plant food stick in a pint of water and divide it between the 3 plants that are in 3 gallon pots?

Yup that done it …to say it’s a weed , it is very picky on wha it likes to eat . Try flushing it with double the amount of water the size pot it’s in .

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Thanks for the info! I will deff take your advice. As i said its a do’s and dont’s thing for me right now so i know not to do that again. Any infor or tips is appreciated. Thanks again yoshi

Dropped coffee grinds works miracles …google it. But you want to flush immediately . Now if has 9 leaf it’s ready to transplant to its final 3-5 gallon that it will remain in to harvest . Than you can give nutrients after you flushed it and let soil dry at higher than 5.8 , and no higher than 6.5 max . Once dry after flushed , feed it with 1/4 measure nutrient guide you using . It’s a matter of choice what you choose . I have technaflora , fox farm trio and ILGM booster I used between 3 different plants to see what will give the best results . If you be patient and keep a watering & feeding schedule accurate , it will revive and survive , but you cannot force it to grow . You can control it for as vegging and flowering with light cycle , but you cannot force it to grow , outdoors it takes a full season for a plant , but indoors can be very tricky and the error is always human ? Water it , wait 2-3 days , I prefer 3 days if temperature is not to high , but that also depends on air flow and lights . Mh & hps puts out heat and dries the soil faster than cfl & led , but starve it of water not to bad can actually boost the root system to search for water and strengthen it , but don’t starve it too bad . 2 days , 3 at the most . But water 6.2 , feed 6.0 , start 1/4 first feed , than water in 3 days , feed 1/2 in 3 days wait 3 days than water , if you do this it will have a good chance on surviving . I’m no professional by no means , but it’s what I’ve learned from here by reading and taking notes of the many who knows and harvesting quality plants .

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Dripped coffee grind , not dropped , than spell check !

Hello I’m a newbie, but I have a beautiful bitch. I’m in the final stages of flower. It just started to happen? Yellowing and brown spots? Maybe I r a gonna be done faster then I thought? If some of the top leafs on my colas, we’re not turning yellow, I wouldn’t be as worried. Here are some pics. Any help would be great. Thanks

Not to worry my friend. That is very normal for that to happen at the end of a grow and by the way your plants look awesome there my. Friend.

B Safe

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