Yellowing leaf on a budder!

this might be something or nothing,i’ve noticed a bit of yellowing on the leaf tips around the buds ,up and coming buds , these are the 2 surviving plants i germinated and planted way back on the 20th december last year ,would i be correct in assuming they are using all the nutriants for the budding buds to the demise of the leaves or am i way out ?

Pics or it didn’t happen. :slight_smile:

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Take some pics with ur phone if u have a smart phone can do the forum thru the phone and all. Carry the family in ur pocket always lol.

@jimmythebush you can re-post your comment without the swear words. Removed for profanity.

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Hope you get your image issue figured out.

Thanks Myfriend…

what swear words ?

yes get it now please accept my humblest appologies , i swear it won’t happen again !

camera up and running ,ive taken some pics ,they’re in bud and from what i can tell the leaves are dropping off dead ,might be harvesting time ?