Yellowing fans leaves n at bottom during pre and flowering

I’ve gotten several plants to flowering but they all seem to get yellow leaves like crazy near bottom n on large fan leaves. I’m pretty sure it’s not enough nitrogen, but I don’t want to give too much nitrogen either when flowering. So how do u know how much extra nitrogen to give if it’s needed or during flowering. I can’t seem to figure it out n I nute burned my first plants so much extra careful not to over fertilize this time

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As flowering progresses the lower fan leaves with turn yellow that is normal. Just clip them out. Also pictures would also be helpful

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Do u have recharge. If so do a watering with just recharge. And see what that does. It moght throw the n u need there and get colors strait. What nutes do u use.

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Just a bloom booster 1-30-32, kelp n humic acid for flowering. There are in ocean forest soil which had extra nutes as well. I know some leaves will yellow n fall off naturally but it just seems too many, n I like to have SOME fan leaves left on my plant during early flowering at very least. Just looks like at this rate they’ll all be gone

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@Covertgrower @MidwestGuy @PurpNGold74 @Myfriendis410 can someone help him i know nothing about these nutes. They r lacking something lol

Flowering plants do not need much N and strip it from older fan leaves starting down low. This is normal. Increasing N to offset will only cause an excess which will affect flower production adversely.

Remember, the plant is essentially dying as it flowers. Some cultivars hold a green canopy through flower while others not so much.

Also; look to new growth for signs of improvement. Yellow/damaged leaves will not recover.

A picture in white light would be worthwhile along with your particular grow details.


Thank you, but it’s really all the plants I have and grown all different ways as well. I was really just looking for more general advice. My first few didn’t turn out so good. It’s sounds like I shouldn’t worry about it as everyone keeps saying it’s normal. They do look really healthy otherwise this time. Very green where flowering is. I just watched a lot of videos n none of them really seemed to get so many yellow leaves but maybe they just didn’t show it or was hidden below canopy

Would you recommend Recharge during flowering for any reason?

Never used it so can’t really help.

I see references to Recharge. Please be careful with microbe and humic/fulvic acid supplements. They dramatically increase plants’ nutrient uptake and can lead to nute burn if not used properly.

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