Yellowing early

Help Please!
So embarrassing and hard to accept but… for the
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3rd time in a row this is happened (seeds twice now clones) and still can’t understand what’s going wrong. In 50/50 mix HFrog/OceanFrst, water pH is correct, light reading good, temp and humidity in good range and great airflow coming in and going out of grow room. Yet they soon turn yellow and start to die. Is it just too much water?? I’ve really tried to watch that. When I stopped growing over 12 yrs ago after growing indoors 10 yrs this never happened.

The top left and right and bottom right have a couple of lower burnt leaves as the guy who did the clones added some of his home made soil was which was a little too hot.

Are you allowing for run off and are you taking readings of your run off ph,tds?

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@The1stTimer I’ve only watered them once after initial planting. They were already pretty damp when I put them in the 1gl pots from the solo cups they arrived in.
What was 6.2 pH going in, Did not test the pH of run off. I do not have a TDS meter. Could they be locking up already without any nutes added

What do you have to measure ph and its hard to say some of the older growth looks better than new growth

@The1stTimer I have a pH meter to measure water

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What brand there’s alot of cheap ph meters on the market that are notorious for being very inaccurate

It’s not a high dollar unit. I did calibrate it though. What would you recommend?

I personally recommend either something from Apera or BlueLabs i use the PC60 from Apera it reads ph,ec,tds,salinity,and temp its accurate and stays calibrated also


@The1stTimer Thx for the tip. I wust checking both those units out prior to your response. In the interim - between now and the time I have new accurate pH meter in hand and wanted to water the girls, would using distilled water only be OK?

That looks line an iron deficiency to me.

What nutrients are you using?

@MidwestGuy Nothing yet just what’s in the 50/50 mix of happy frog and ocean forest. I was wondering if besides my water pH most likely not being accurate if they were overwatered and starting to lock out?
I do have Cal/mag/iron from Humboldts Secret.

I’m surprised to see that in FF soils. What you have is definitely an iron deficiency. It isn’t common at all.The FF product with iron in it is Big Bloom.

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@MidwestGuy @The1stTimer Would giving some of this be helpful in turning this problem around?

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Good catch @MidwestGuy I didn’t even think of that sense hes in ff soil but yes definitely start using it id recommend using max strength typically 5ml per gallon of water mix well then ph your mix also how long has your plant been in the fox farms soil for typically its good for about 3 to 4 weeks then nutrients have to be applied I usually start at 1/4 strength and work my way up over a week or 2 till I get to full strength solution

@The1stTimer Are you recommending I use the Humboldts Secret cal/mag/Iron? That’s what I have on hand.

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Correct use it at full strength with your next 2 waterings then back off some when I run in ff soils I will typically I use cal mag in between my normal feedings so days I would typically use plain water I use cal mag instead

Thx much✌️


@The1stTimer the weird part is they’ve only been in FF for 7 days. As I said in my original post the clones were brought to me in Solo cups in homemade soil from the cloner. He said he also added in some compost that was too hot which explained the couple of burnt looking leaves on 3 out of the 4 when they arrived. And they were pretty wet. So my initial thought was they were overwatered too and either drowning or locking out. I gave the HS calmag/iron last night and will follow your advice. Weirder part is this has occurred in 3 individual consecutive grow attempts! :flushed: The 1st 2 attempted grows were fem’d photo seeds from ILGM.
I grew indoor for a good 6ys in this very same space but stopped over 10yrs ago because of some entanglements. Back then tap water was used and never pH’d, I always used FF soils. I had perfectly emerald green plants every time! That’s why i’m So baffled by 3 failures now!? I wonder if all the genetic modifications and progression in cannabis over these years has made the plant so touchy-sensitive now that the slightest little thing will turn your plants from thriving to dying or just kill them out of the gate? I thinking maybe the local city tap water has been adjusted for the worse over that time too? I’m so distraught over this…