Yellowing dying leaves in flower

Growing super lemon haze outdoors in 5 gal pots with a soil(happy frog) ,coco coir & perlite mix. Using canna bio run off measurements are ph 6.2-6.5, 1.0-1.6 ppm, 1480-2.3 conductivity.they are about 3 -4weeks into flower and have been steadily turning yellow and increasing.i flushed 2 weeks ago thinking it was a salt build up and then gave a dose of nitrogen which has not seemed to work. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated to save these plants

Some of that is normal during flower. The yellowed leaves will not go back to green. The rest of the plant looks good. Keep feeding on your schedule and growing. Still have quite a wile to go.

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Agree with the above sentiment. To a certain extent, expect to lose leaves toward the bottom of the plant as she flowers. She’ll pull the nutrients from the leaves and steadily work her way up the plant. I’d just be making sure there’s enough potassium and phosphorus in the nutrients you’re using to give her fuel to flower and grow those big beautiful buds.

Keep on feeding like you have been, and if it seems like she’s still yellowing faster than the buds are building, maybe time to supplement with a bloom booster thats light on nitrogen and heavier on the P/K.

Ok thanks.they definitely seem to be yellowing faster and rest of leaves are turning pale green.i do feed with some canna pk 13/14 along with canna bio flower.also have canna bio boost which I havnt used much yet.should I give just pk 13/14