Yellowing cotyledons & slow growth

Hey guys first time grower with some issues. I’m growing Purple kush in Fox Farm Ocean Forest. It’s growing outdoors in a 1 gallon cloth pot. Im watering it every other day. First issue is the yellowing of the cotyledons. It started 2 days ago and now it looks like it’s dying off. Second issue is it’s looking like it’s small for it’s age

Also forgot to mention it’s 24 days old.

Auto or photo? Cotyledons are supposed to yellow and drop off once the tap root takes over.

Likely all of the action right now is taking place where you can’t see it. Plant looks pretty good although you could dome it for part of it’s day: that might help.

Hard to know for sure without knowing the living conditions of the plant.

It’s an auto

I would pull it out.
I bet it has a tiny couple of roots. Roots should be big, white and thick at 24 days.
At 24 days, that plant should be 14 inches and bushy.

Autos need a lot of uncovered sunlight outdoors to grow, if you put in shade, they
will grow tiny.