Yellowing, burning, after putting them to flower

A question from a fellow grower:

his is a photo of plants I am growing from White Widow seeds I purchased from you in the spring. Everything was going fine until I put them into flower, now I have burning on the tips and yellowing of the main fan leaves.

I have been feeding twice per week following the Fox Farm nute schedule with a Ph of 5.9-6.0, 4 tsp of CAL MAG and 1/4 tsp of non-sulfer molasses.

Can you give me some ideas on how I can stop or reverse the damage? The plants appear to be stretching and beginning their flower stage.

You will definately want an expert on this, but my hunch is a mix of nute burn and deficiency. A lot of nutrients are absorbed best at a PH near 7 and others closer to 6. So maybe your plant is getting too much of certain things and too few of others. You could try switching your water Ph to 6.5 for the time being, maybe even flush and skip a feeding of added nutrients. Good luck and don’t do anything extreme until you hear from an expert.

I agree wait for response having somewhat of same problem will be watching to see what they

I have to agree with the above statement. It does look like nute burn, or a nutrient toxicity, likely a build up in the soil, as well as potentially deficiencies, again likely form something building up in the soil.

What is the EC/PPM and the pH of the run-off?


Look like you added the flower nutrients to fast after switching into flower . When you switch from veg into flower , it must be done precisely , because anything to sudden in the root zone as for plants can cause them to stress and burn . Example ; 3 rd week 10ml grow , 2.5 ml bloom , 4 th week 7.5 ml grow , 5ml bloom , 5 th week 5 ml grow , 7.5 ml bloom , 6 th week no grow at all only 10 ml of bloom , this way has worked for me consistently with no deficiency , that way if your ph swings out of range it’s not so sudden in the root zone.

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How about this concept. Does anyone know whether this is a soil, or hydro grow?

4 tsp. of calmag mixed into what?

I see rotting, more than I see nute burn.

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It looks like soil in the picture. Of course it could be rotting regardless. Like I said, “wait for an expert.” Just thought I would give him a possible solution before he waited 2-3 days before some one else got back to him.

I agree with Mac …to me it looks like Manganese deficiency
And there seems to be Magnesium deficiency going on also what is your PH ? Manganese gets locked out of soil growing at ph levels of 2.0-5.0
Manganese and Magnesium is absorbed best in soil at a ph level of 5.5-6.5 (Wouldn’t recommend having a soil ph of over 7.0 in soil) anything out of the ranges listed will contribute to a Manganese Deficiency and Magnesium Deficiency.
I know your eyes aren’t that good as you say Late but there in soil. I can see the pots.
Any way just my opinion.

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I think most beginners think once they switch over the lights to flower , they immediately give the plant a full feeding of flower nutrients , which I find is a very sudden thing in the root zone . I learn by trial and error , but I learned and growing is learning . Here on out I’m gone do my best to not answer question , just link them to pro’s .

why Yoshi your answers are informative so don’t stop now

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“The Error is Always Human ?”

I finally got my scrog screen put together that’s an inch to wide . But I received a few more things by mail today , one was my 2 lights from Advance , I ordered the DS 350 & the XTE 350 so I always have a new light . But I’m getting ready to give the hydro a grow .

What kind of nutrients are you using for hydrophobic s
Thanks Jake’s shape there buddy.
I am going to start ordering my hydrophobic setup and supply this week

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Yeah I agree I’ve gotten a lot of valuable information from you and Will all the time along with the experts

Knowledge that is not shared is worthless!

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I’m using advance nutrients Garrigan62 for the hydrponic run . But it will be after I harvest either the week of Hallow Eves or the second week in November , it depends on them.

Ya that’s right…lol. I turned you on to them…That’s what I’m going to use.

No point in leaning if no one shares and 747Rasta is absolutely correct.


I ordered Dutch masters gold line nutrients as well too , I think I’m going to try them all , and the one that produce the most weight is what I’ll stick with . Roberts nutrients has been an awesome line , but to experience each line on my own …I’m giving all brands a shot .

Let us know after your observation on which one produces the best buds

Please Don’t stop. I am a true beginner and everything I’ve read has be helpful. And you are apart of the wisdom Myself and others can learn from and share. Don’t stop.