Yellowing/Brown spots on lower fan leaves

Hello, First time growing plants and I’m having an issue with my lower fan leaves yellowing and brown spots appearing on them as well. Before I get too in depth, here is my current setup.

-Bubba Kush Feminized Seeds
-Indoor grow tent, Temps 70-80F, RH 50-70
-T5 Grow light at ~10-12 inches over canopy
-Solo Cups filled with Coco Loco
-24/0 time cycle
-Watering with tap water ph’d to 6.0
-Couple of fans, intake/exhaust
-Using Dyna Gro Nuits

We are currently on day 25 and since about day 21 I have been experiencing these brown and yellow spots. I have been watering every 36-48 hours depending on how the soil looks and the weight of solo cups. I initially thought it was a calcium issue so I decided to give it half of dyna gro’s Week 1 Veg schedule on day 22 as I did not want to overwhelm the plants but the issue seems to be worsening. Aside from the yellowing and brown spots, I am having some wilting and the tips seem to be yellowing as well. I have added a photo so that if what I’m describing doesn’t make sense. Looking for some guidance and help, I appreciate it guys/gals and also, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Welcome to the community. You have some very nice plants. I think its time to transplant to bigger homes or are you growing in these pots? The bottom leaves may have water on them, they will die off. The tops look great. Sorry don’t know anything about the nutes your using. happy growing :bat: :rofl:

Welcome to the forum.

You’ll need to transplant those and get them out of the solo cups or you will start having different issues. It’s past time for a transplant.

The leaves look damaged by water or nutrient solution. It’s normal for cannabis to shed the lower leaves as plants mature as well. You have healthy new growth. Keep an eye on them, but the best advice I can give is to transplant them quickly.

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I appreciate the responses. I intended on transplanting here in a couple of days as my other tent is still being set up but should be done in a day or so. I’ll transplant asap and keep an eye on them.