Yellowing and spots on leaves. started Low, moving upward

indoor grow, vivosun 2x4x4 tent. parfactworks 115 watt full spectrum Leds. Kellogg organic raised bed/potting soil from home depot.9-3-6 nutrient liquid for gardenias (fox farms nutes arrived today). 18/6 light rotation. humidity and temp are 30-40% and 27-30 C temps. i was a bit high on PH and low on fertilizer until a couple days ago. when i feed them, PH and fert are “acceptable”, following day, PH reads high, fert read low. I have an app i used to get an idea what was wrong, but it is giving different issues now. here are photos from today.
these are LSD cookies, Autos.




Any help greatly appreciated.


It is natural for a plant to give up leaves and turn them yellow as she no longer needs them after maturing. What hight are you plants brother. They look awfully small and not worth the time in my opinion I also do autos each have reached around 2ft… If your plant is not that old then I would assume you have a pH issue I assume you are checking pH and tds

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She looks hungry Growmie. The medium looks really dry. For the FF nutrients, is that the trio?


Welcome to the community ! :v: Soil also looks to have a lot of wood chips, In the future Look at using cannabis friendly soil foxfarm or roots organic Just to name a couple. Good luck stick around we’re glad to have you.


Welcome to the community. Your plants look like they are hungry and very dry. What is your watering schedule and what nutrients are you using? :blush::v:

thank you for the replies. my wife grows strawberries outside, and chili peppers in the tent with my weed. the soil is what she has been using because we had plenty already. I can see about a different mix, though.

I water them with about a half-liter every other day, or so. I dip a finger in the soil about a knuckle deep, 6 inches from the base. if it’s dry, I water it. the nutrient solution I was using said to use 1tsp, per gal, feed every other week… I added the fox farms big grow yesterday, and plan to feed every other watering.

when I fed last night, I tested the water PH; it was between 7-7.3. I added a little vinegar to lower the PH to about 6, then mixed in the food. I tested the PH after feeding; the soil was at 6.5-6.8, and the nutrients registered on the meter this time.

they are also rather scrawny compared to other grows I have seen. i feel like charlie brown.

Just an update; I have started with fox farms nutrient trio. The yellowing has not progressed, but i cannot say they are returning to green. I,ll ipdate again in a couple days. Ty for the help, all.

Watering way too little, too frequently. And also, your plant is showing advanced signs of light stress. Water til runoff and then wait till the pot is light weight wise to water again.