Yellowing and curling!

This is a auto. Added dry amendments 5 days ago. Nether of the others r doing this. Any advice would be appreciated. Tks…

Looks like nute Burn. I have one strain going couple do the same thing.

I wouldn’t worry about it looks good to me

Should I flush? I’m organic

I just give water right now. I give it a week. Nutes, could be a little too strong. And just yellowing of the leaves means,needs nitrogen or food. Like I said I wouldn’t worry about it just watch her

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This is the normal progression of a flowering plant. You don’t want to try to ‘correct’ it. Plant will extract nutes and release the leaf.

Normally under lights these can be removed about 21 days into flower: it opens the plant up to light and air.


That’s basically what I said. I wouldn’t worry about her watch it.

And that’s nutrient burn!!! Brown leaves curling,

My leaves are turning yellow sucking all the nutrients they’re not burnt like that!!!. Yeah it’s normal to suck nutrients turn yellow but not turn brown curling up brittle!!!:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Now this is a normal plant sucking up nutrients!!! Now do you see any brown burnt brittle Leaves!!! NO!!! Because there’s no nutrient burn!!! NOW WHAT!!!

Is there a problem? Do you need some time to calm down? Because I can do that.

@Covertgrower @imSICKkid @dbrn32 @MattyBear @AfgVet @PurpNGold74 @BobbyDigital get a load of this.


No but what you have is dying foliage all inside your buds and can easily cause bud rot.


@Oldschool61 there’s no need to get hostile in your post. Everyone here wants to help and see others exceed in their growing. If you have a difference of opinion please present it in a more suitable and polite manner


When you see random leaves doing that its from overwatering.
Nute burn effects leaves more evenly.
Underfeeding the same.

Yours looks exactly the same…


I realize the environment has much too do with when ur plant needs water. I’m using 5 gal pots with soil. My temp stays between 75-80 and Humidity @45-50. I’m using 1 gal water between 3 plants every third day. Is it possible that is too much?

How old are the plants?

Next time you are ready to water pick up the grow bag and feel how heavy it feels.
It should feel like light, like its almost empty.
If it has some weight to it try waiting an extra day and see how it feels.
You will soon get good at estimating when to water with this method. After a few times you will have a better idea of how many days between watering.


Just what @Spiney_norman laid out for you. You really do want it almost to starting to wilt. All of that will change as the plant matures and you’ll easily be able to judge when to water.


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