Yellowing and burning tips need help

@latewood I sent a email to support about this problem and I am sure you have answered this problem before. My email address is I sent pictures with that email. I also filled out a support ticket, The problem I’m having is the tips are yellowing and look like they are burning. I build a grow box it 's 24x30x5, i have a exhaust fan, intake fan, 2 fans in the box blowing air. Here is another support ticket
strain: white widow
planted in soil, 3 gal smart pot
system: GH. Flora Micro,Flora Grow, Flora Bloom
Runoff: na
Nutrient strength:na
Lighting: hood with cfls 6 1600lums 5000k, 2 2600 lums 2700ks
Temp: day 82 night 77 degress
Humidity: 49 to 57 percent
Vent: yes
AC, Humidifier, dehumidifier: na
Co2: na
This is as much info i can think of as of now. please help

you should edit out your email…safety and all that… Latewood will get the info

@fella1451 …what Oak said ! :thumbsup:

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We can’t really give you a diagnosis without knowing the pH runoff. Do you own a pH meter, or pH testing strips?

But, from what I’ve read, it sounds like you might be over feeding with nutrients. Can you post a picture possibly?

I need to know what soil. If it comes amended with fertilizer, then adding GH 2-opart is causing the issue. You are making your soil too hot for the plant.

You need a TDS meter for measuring strength of you solution after mixing it with water, and you need a PH tester in order to make sure your PH of solution is 6.5-7.0 PH

Awaiting your reply. :slight_smile:

I’m using Espoma Organic Potting mix. As far as getting these meters, i’m on fixed income so i will have to wait another week before i can get them