Yellowing and buds won't open


Super skunk 70 days old. Ph at 6.2 going in 6.0 coming out. I use ff trio and growing outdoors in soil and pot. Florida area. Why so yellow and why won’t the buds open.



Buds don’t necessarily ‘open’ up. It looks like she might have hermied on you. Maybe give those little round part a squeeze and see if there’s seeds inside.

Otherwise could just be some foxtailing.

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Looks like it could be fox tailing.


I squeezed it. No seed. It smells great tho. I thought even a male plant needs to be pollinated to produce seeds?
What about the yellowing? I read on ilg that ph should be 6.1. I had it at 6.8 and began to reduce it. It’s getting worse so Ill increase to 6.5?


Yes I read that temp and humidity can make the foxtailing happen. Been hot and humid during the grow.


it used to have white pistils but they are not that prevalent now.



It is normal towards the end of the plants lifecycle for the leaves to start yellowing. She is basically pulling all her nutrients in for bud production.

Also the white pistils while change colors as the plant reaches maturity. That is also very normal. Usually you can tell you’re getting close to harvest when she is no longer throwing out white pistils and the tricombes began to change from clear to milky/ amber.


That’s the wrong ph for soil it should be 6.5-6.8


@Fever is right ph is your main problem. As for low temps and rh causeing Fox tail I’m not convinced. I had 3 clones of same GSCX mom in flower together, 2 Fox tail so bad it’s funny the other didnt. The only real difference was the two that Fox tailed were single stalk plants and the other had 6 topps.
It was my understanding the Fox tail naturally occurred when a plant has flowered to long or bad genetics.


This is just one of the weird looks that some autos take on. Looks about ready. Autos can take on odd looks due to the hybrid crossing of the genetics. This is also why I only grow feminized now.

PH should always be 6.5 for soil


thanks for the tag @Ray4x

Looks like the questions have been answered!


You said it looks about ready. What’s the magnifying power needed to see the tricomes?


I’m trying to understand fox-tailing. Can I get an explain please?


@Bluto anything 60x or higher should work to see them.

This is the one I am currently using, I dont use it on a phone, I just look through it (I dont own a phone). Is the best one I have bought yet…

I also have this one. It sucks to be honest, at least for looking at trichomes…

This is the first one I bought, works well enough, but you have to have a very steady hand to get a good look. (I didnt buy 4, they have a single option)…

But those are things I have tried, the clip on one is working the best for me so far…


Thank you Ron330. That’s nice to know. I will think about the first one. I might be able to use some of my fly fishing stuff. I,m going to check it out today. I don’t use my phone much to talk. Mostly searching and reading.