YellowHouse first grow: Blue Dream

I appreciate it the insights, @Hellraiser. I’ll have to play it by ear–I’ve got some friends who can help out if need be, but I’d like to avoid it if possible. Even if I can get to the point of chopping before I have to take off, I should be able to figure out the drying situation without issue. I’ll keep your lighting suggestions in mind if the progress seems slow mid-flower.

@HanJolo – Initially, I also thought it was just genetic, but some folks on another forum had suggested to me that purple stems, if caused by genetics, wouldn’t appear this early. (I have no idea–just what I’ve heard.) They’ve since appeared more green after adjusting my nutrients, but the purple never extended into the leaves, which is apparently more of an indicator of a deficiency, so you may be right. In either case, I’m using CalMag according to the instructions on the bottle.

Thanks, dudes!


Thanks Hell. I know your always busy on your journals, so great you could spare some time to help. You were the only one I’ve read who discussed a change in light schedules to speed up maturity of plants. Keep it green brother


Alright, snagged some photos while I was doing some maintenance today. I did a little defoliating to make sure those little buttons of green growth are getting some light. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the soil plants have progressed after I fixed my water/nutrients problems. Also, love watching the roots progress in the DWC. Looking much better since I rinsed them during the last reservoir change.

Blue Dream:

Mojave Green:

Lemon Glue:


Very nice.


Couple shots with the new camera. :wink:


Hey man I was tending the girls earlier and noted how f*cling thick the oldest roots at bottom of cup are nearly size of the trunk topside. :grin::wink:

can’t see it I should have taken a shot of zkittlez roots on backside growing so thick sideways out in the bucket. SMH


Looking good bro!

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I like to see purple in my buds! Zkittlez coming along is just beginning to change pistol colors abit.

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Awesome pics, @neofirebird!

It’s been a minute since my last update, so again, I’ll write up some words now then provide some
more updated pictures later when I make some pH adjustments.

It’s been 10 days since I switched to a 12/12 light schedule, and the plants have each had their own ups and downs.

First, the Blue Dream in the DWC. That plant has always been a bit lighter than the others, and you’ll recall in this previous post, I had thought that it was due to me misjudging the nutrients needed, and accidentally underfeeding by about 25%. I upped the nutrients accordingly, and diligently kept the pH in check. It was also a few days back that I noticed that the DWC plant started drinking a lot more of the water in the bucket. I decided to let it go an additional day before topping it off once, and didn’t notice that the PPMs had drifted incredibly high. I corrected the water levels, but there was noticeable nutrient burn on the leaves and some older leaves had started to claw downwards, which is apparently indicative of nitrogen toxicity. I kept the pH in check as usual and kept an eye on it. After not seeing noticeable improvement the next day or two, I picked up some more pH test calibration solution, and noticed my cheap pH tester had drifted significantly. So I picked up a new pH tester which should arrive today. Even after recalibrating my shitty pH tester and fixing my pH levels, the new growth doesn’t seem to be damaged, but it is still coming in pretty light. We’ll see what my pH levels look like today with the new tester. Definitely taking notes on improving how I handle this for my next grow, but this has been my hardest problem to solve so far.

Next, both of my Mojave Green were showing visible male pollen sacs. These were not feminized seeds, so I need this was the risk coming in, but I was hoping to see a Mojave Green through to the finish, since they had been growing the strongest thus far. I’ll probably stick to feminized seeds for my next grow though, just because of the size constraints of my tent and how long you need to grow them before you can determine the sex.

My Lemon Glue have been coming along nicely. My new watering and feeding schedule is working perfectly for the soil plants so far.

Finally, you may remember my post where I talked about the other feminized Blue Dream and how it had been resilient through a troublesome seedling stage. This plant is coming through beautifully, and I’m starting to see nice white pistils, of which I’ll post some pictures later.

In sum, some ups and downs. Learning a lot. I think I’ll get at least something smokable from this harvest. Remembering my quote from my first post:


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That sucks :disappointed: about the DWC. In the future FWIW I’d redo the bucket nutes and fresh water… It seemed to start to get lighter green than it already was so I was thinking… Uh oh! If you start getting same readings w any pH pen it’s out of calibration also FWIW. You’ll kill it next round. Germinating another now I presuming. I’ve got another zkittlez popping soon. Looking back I recall I said that runt would probably turn into as monster. Always keep eye on water level. Adjust as needed, check often, keep bucket level up. Keep up with what you have going on :wink: