YellowHouse first grow: Blue Dream

I don’t even use the water checker it’s too slow and doesn’t allow complete drainage. When the girls get too big of a root ball to remove, I use a ten dollar liquid pump from Walmart with a dollar tree bucket LOL see pics

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Nice looking good bro

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@neofirebird Nice–seems to be the go-to pump for this size set up!

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Sorry for not seeing your comment I’ve been busy and trying to heal.

No worries at all, brother. Hope you’re healing up!

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Oh yeah, on the seventh their gonna take part or all of my colon :disappointed::rage: one surgery after another. SMH
I’m watching your feed waiting for hydro roots to hit water and blow up like mine are… :grin:

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@neofirebird I’ve got a close pal who has been dealing with gastrointestinal issues issues for a while, and it has really messed him up. Seems like a real tough problem to manage through medicine/diet, etc. Hoping for the best on your upcoming surgery–hopefully the last one needed!

Here’s an update on the plants:

  • Since I transplanted the plants, everything has been relatively smooth sailing. (Knock on wood) The plant in DWC hasn’t yet had roots hit the water below the basket, but I’m getting a good amount of moisture on the bottom of the basket with the water level just a few inches below, and it looks green and relatively healthy.

  • Thanks for those who have followed at lol. It has been fun checking the cam from time to time. And it helps me remember to refill the humidifier.

  • Speaking of the humidifier, it has been working great. I was struggling originally because the new fan I purchased is actually slightly stronger that my existing exhaust fan (despite showing the same CFM), so it was creating some positive pressure in the tent. After reducing the intake fan speed below the speed of the exhaust fan, the negative pressure in the tent has made it significantly easier to control humidity levels.

Here are some pictures:

Blue Dream #1 (DWC)

Mojave Green #1 (Strongest plant so far!)

Mojave Green #2

Lemon Glue F2 #1

Lemon Glue F2 #2

And lastly, Blue Dream #2, absolutely struggling, and barely holding on with the tiniest amount of growth. Recall, this one was buried too deep and came up with a single cotyledon, which itself is turning yellow quickly. We’ll see what happens! (Was ready to throw this one away a few days ago, but decided to let it sit in the tent.)


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Yeah it’s a bitch… Thanks I’m hoping it’ll work out. My girls will be probably drinking a gallon a day daily three weeks from now. That’ll be a pain in the ass. Wife doesn’t do any of it… Yet. :man_shrugging::joy:

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Did you see the huge White LSD I harvested about 4-6 weeks ago in my journal? The Mango is a photo I’m pretty sure I screwed up veg time; not long enough, I was afraid being a photo it would hulk out in size on me. She’s like 14 weeks since germination I believe.

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Yeah, after how large that previous plant got, I can’t blame you for keeping the veg time lower haha

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