Yellow to white leaves, outdoor grow

So ive done a few grows in this area now, harvested always airy bud but the smells have always been top notch. Been giving molasses (unsulphured) for 2 years now and its helped slightly but i know its probably a soil issue or more likely a nutrient issue (not enough). Gave them some biodyne liquid gold a few days ago ( starting my first indoor grow this month so i wanted to try it out ). id say i probably only water every few days, i probably underwater if anything. Noticed this one pheno of blue dream was completely different and always looked sad, just really curious what could cause the leaves to turn almost white. Possibly pulling all its nutrient needs from the leaves?

Blue dream bag seed
mix of soil, coco, fertilizer and perlite
dechlorinated tap water (24hrs at least)
temps from up to <25 down to lowest 9 (rare cold night)
humidity outdoors anywhere from 50 to 100

This is the other pheno, been doing decently enough with what ive given it, such a stark contrast, both planted same time too. Probably a week or two to go, somewhat airy though but decently sticky and smelly for such a small plant

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Did you start them indoors and move them outside?

Hi. Nah, straight from the plastic cube trays to soil once i chose the best ones

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Well let me tag a few others to help…
I wold normally say N deficiency with lower leaves yellowing but it’s flowering already so adding N isn’t really ideal.

@Covertgrower @Myfriendis410

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Most likely, thanks for the response/s :+1: Theres no real urgency, its all good. Was just curious to hear others thoughts on its problems. Feel like im making them work here :sweat_smile:

Sometimes you get a pheno that is not as happy with conditions as the others. Plant doesn’t look bad but is showing an N def.

I know South Africa doesn’t have the availability of products we enjoy here in the states but it might be a worthwhile project to build your own supersoil recipe…


Yeah, we’re only just starting to get cannabis related things in the country. But not that it matters right now :sweat_smile: everythings been looted here, countrys in chaos. Will definitely be making my own soil in the coming years though, thanks for the help :+1:

I also kinda think it’s thirsty…seeing what your soil mix was and then seeing the leaves…just makes think it wants some water and prolly some nitrogen…since you’re lacking availability of products to use for it…maybe look into using some pond water or some river water…if there’s moss it’s a good sign…you can also just pee on it and see if that starts to help…kinda crazy but pee is nitrogen rich and IS an option