Yellow tips/ update pics help?!

Bruce banner autos
Happy frog soil
Mars hydro 600w (100-125watt)
Constant airflow on a 18/6 lighting schedule

Quite a few fan leaves have yellow tips on both plants. Haven’t given any nutrients yet (will be probably next week). Any idea what’s the cause if this is normal? A post I had about yellow tips the other day people told me it’s normal. One plant is about 6 weeks and a couple days old the other is 5 weeks and a couple days old.

@oldmarine @Oldguy @Highwayman420 @LearnasUgrow @Mark0427 @Underthestairs Any thoughts?


Little nutrient burn.

I wouldn’t recommend feeding without knowing your runoff PPMs.

I see no burnt tips but what I do see is a tad too much nitrogen hence the dark color unless it’s strain related and alot of otherwise new and healthy growth.Your doing good


Haven’t given any nutrients yet, just the soil alone must be doing it.

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Thanks man, that makes me feel a lot better just not sure what’s causing them to keep doing this. Worried me a little. Also weirdly this morning my left plant was perked up and fine then later today when I got home it was kinda droopy, I’ve heard in the evening it’s normal but with lights on that shouldn’t be the case?

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Nothing to worry about they should grow out of it. But also please try not to create multiple threads for the same topics. Just helps with less clutter and keep things organized. They look great!


Yea true, I only did because I took a good look at them and saw quite a few more than before so maybe thought it was progressively getting worse. Thanks man


Looks good. Just telling you they don’t need to be fed yet. She’s probably going to be a sensitive one to nutrients so when you start your nutrients you’ll want to start light.


One is week six since being in soil other is week five. I’ve heard if you don’t soak it down in water fox farm soil will last 6-8 weeks. Is that true? And since I’m in week 5-6 with both would they be ok on nutrients until day week 7-8? Also yea planning on starting 1/4th recommended dosage and slowly work it up. Since they’re excess nitrogen now I probably won’t even use that nute at all and will just use the other two (fox farm trio).

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It can just be a strain trait. Some are deeper green than others. Next time you water I would water to runoff to see what your soil ppm’s are sitting at. Happy frog is a more gentle soil so the plant must be a light feeder to make it that long on just the soil nutrients.

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Wouldn’t it be showing signs of needing nutrients by now (week 6) tho? I have the nutrients ready to go now just with the yellow tips didn’t wanna hurt her

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I wouldn’t sweat it, I like it when mine are a little dark young like that, it usually means I can use just plain water for awhile with no nutes other than just a dab of cal mag. The new yellow I see is not on the tips it’s in the leaves and a sign of healthy new growth.

I would just water them awhile till you see the color lighten up a tad then resume nutes at half strength.

Edit, I just read it was BB autos and having grown many of these I can say without a doubt that’s the most nitrogen sensitive strain of auto I’ve personally grown. Watch your nutes close with Bruce Banner Auto.

Pro tip #1

The plant tells you when to feed it, not the bottle of nutrients.

See that was my exact thoughts because with them being so green I wanted to wait until it seemed like it was slightly lacking something then give nutrients! I’m glad you made me feel a lot better on that! And I’m just wanting the best for them lol. Also what’s the high like with BB autos? Ofc I know it matters how you take care of them but are they really strong and hit quickly?

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It’s a happy upbeat high. I have learned to grow this strain to peak ripeness which was 11 to 13 weeks. It’s also a heavy bud yielder with a citrus type smell. Very loud indoors. This is one of the autoflower strains that throws a few midgets, but I grew some close to 5 feet outdoors.

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Yea what’s your opinion on my six week old plant? It’s 15 1/2 inches tall right now and budding everywhere. You think it’s gonna get to maybe 24-30? Or stay smaller?

They stretch a tad but indoor 24 to 34 inches is probably average. Yours looks great. She’s fixing to get stanky

You got a light meter? Check the specs of your light and see what it suggests the proper distance from plant to light is as yours looks a tad high to me. There’s an app for it