Yellow tips on new growth, Help!

What strain, Runtz

Method: Soil: Sunshine 4 60/40 perlite.

Vessels: 7gal fabric

PH of Water, 6.1 , water is RO.

 EC EC .995

Indoor, 7.6 sqft space.

Light system 2 bestva p1000

Temps; 80 day, Night 75f

Humidity; Day 35- 40, Night 50

Ventilation system; Yes, Size, two 195cfm outlets

My plant has yellow tips on new growth. I suspect light burn is the problem but I need confirmation from more knowledgeable growers. Plant has been in flower for 9 days. When I looked in on them this morning all was fine, this evening I noticed the yellowing tips on new growth.

My last water/feed was with GH micro and bloom @ a 5ml-10ml per gallon. Water was ph’d to 6.1. Input EC was .970 and run off was PH 6.1 and EC of .995.

I have raised lights from 22" to 25" and that’s all I can raise them. I also turned dimmer down from 100% to 80%.

Here are a few pics,



Im not seeing anything to be concerned about. Your plant is looking gorgeous.

The yellow tips are nute burn in its very slightest stage. No worries. They look great.

Your biggest problem is light. Not nearly enough light to produce good buds.

Keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Looking good ! I’m with @spyonyou. I don’t see anything to raise red flag. Keep up the good work moving forward.


Lower light levels mean plant can’t handle moderate doses of supplemental nutrients so often get nute burn. Conversely; higher intensity lights will show calcium and magnesium defs rather than nute burn at an EC of .995: that is only 500 ppm.

Do you have runoff TDS numbers?

Increase of lighting will help the whole process: that light only puts out 185 watts; which is almost enough for one plant.


@spyonyou and @kellydans thanks for the complements and reassurance and your right it seems to be nute burn, as plant leaves are slightly clawing down today.


Yes, as of my last feed on 5/29, Input PH 6.1 EC was .970 and run off was PH 6.1 and EC of .995.

I gave only water today, didn’t ph adjust since its RO. run-off was ph 6.3 with an EC of 857, which I watered down to 651.

I have a SF1000D(95W) that I could add, I just dont know how to configure into such a small space (7.6sqft). I may have to make a frame for these three lights, maybe something similar to some of the diy lights I’ve seen here. I think I have room for an increase in temps canopy air temp is 78.

Interesting that leaf temps are at 74.5.

Interested in how more light allows for increased nutes? Is this about DLI?

More energy to the plant means more nutrient and water uptake to build structure. You can get nute burn from an inadequately lit plant.

To me this almost says plant is not feeding much at all. I typically run in mid flower around 2.1 EC for example.

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