Yellow Tips, no big?

One of my plants has slight yellow tips on some leaves. Painted fingernails.

Googling tells me that this is likely nutrient burn and not an issue unless extreme as you want to push the plants to the max.

Do you wise folks concur?

They are in organic soil and I am using Dyna Grow fertilizer, but under dosing slightly as there are nutrients in the soil.

Thats part of what i can see from the pics, but what is your ph going in and the ph of your runoff cause it looks like that might be off a little as well


@BlueRidgeDog i try and keep the tips yellow so that I know I am pushing the plants to their limits. Although, it looks like more than your tips are going to turn yellow. Are you measuring your nutrients, light, ph, environment? Please share details.


Agree with mofo. Butnt tips look like excess nitro. The yellowing in between veins looks like a magnesium issue. But it is strange how the edge tips are also turning? Sometimes high ppfd can make the plants very mag hungry.


Mofo: The pH of my water at the tap is 7.8. I can’t measure the pH of the runoff. The plants are fed Dyna Gro fertilizer based on their feed chart, but at 80% of the recommended values. I typically feed once a week, then all other waterings are straight water. DLI is 30, temp is 75 and RH is 65%.

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Ph looks to be an issue. During veg, you want your numbers between 6.0 and 6.5… the lower ph allows for nutrient uptake. During flower you bump those numbers up between 6.5 and 6.8 ph for nutrient uptake.


I don’t have a tester, but ordered one. I will add vinegar to get to 6.5 or so and see what changes.


Getting a decent pH meter will make this tons easier. I cant recommend the Apera 20 enough! Fantastic device.

Also you’ll want to invest in a more stable pH up or down. Vinegar and lemon juice work for their respective needs, but the drift back to original pH will happen much sooner.

I agree with the above assessments. The slight N burn is good. But the mag deficiency is in early stages. Id get that pH under control. And if you havent already, look into calmags. Epsom salt is a cheap magnesium alternative


How much Epsom would you add to a gallon of water?

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A spoon per gallon should suffice, if it continues, up it a bit. Id add epsom and microbes and a dash of silica to my water only days. Between feeding NPK solutions.

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What would a better acidic solution be? Citric acid? I mix then water, so I am not too concerned with drift??

Have any other pics? Look a tad crowded in there.

PH down. General Hydroponics makes a good one