Yellow tips, new growth preflower

I don’t have the support ticket, but as close to it as I can remember seeing. Hopefully this will be enough.

Strain… Girl Scouts Cookies Extreme Auto by ILGM

Age… 29 days from sprout. Preflower starting. Transplant from ¼ gallon plastic pot to 5 gallon fabric 15 days ago.

Medium… FFOF

Nutes… FF trio, 1/2 strength on veg, calmag 2%, kelp and molasses.
The FF nutes and calmag have only been added once, last Saturday.

Water… Tap (out of faucet at 7.9. Add roughly a tablespoon of lemon juice to a gallon, and it is at 6.2-6.3. Have used this for watering indoor and outdoor plant for close to a month. No yellowing on outside plant (1st week of flower and bangin!)

Feed schedule… Twice a week, half gallon. First nutes added last Saturday

pH… 6.2-6.3: pH out usually 5.8 -6.0

TDS… Unknown, just obtained meter two days ago and have not fed or watered. The ppm on my tap is right around 170, and a slurry of top soil was around 300, but I used soil I from the pot I know hadn’t been touched by the nutes fortified water. So it was simply FF soil and tap water in the slurry test

Light… Viparspectra p600 installed a month ago. 50% at 20" first two weeks. Lot of stretch and has been 100% at 12” for two weeks. Started at 12/12 for first three weeks since transplant, then to 18/6 with one hour off in the middle 5 days ago. (Definitely going bigger next time).

That’s about as much info as I can give off of the top of my head. I have a whole room, hence no tent. The yellowing of the tips is limited to only the new growth at the very top. The rest is very healthy from what I’ve been told. Any ideas and suggestions greatly appreciated. Happy growing, all!!!

I dont see anything there to worry about, the plant looks healthy. Sometimes that’s just how the new growth is…


I was thinking maybe a little nute burn because she got her first dose the other day. But is getting a plain watering tomorrow. Just trying to nip potential issues in the bud (pun intended). Thanks for the reply!


Looks like rapid growth to me. As they age they will green on up.


I just noticed the new leaves coming in are all twisting. Just something to kinda monitor for the next couple of days? Or normal?

Whole plant picture?

Standard 15" drumstick for height comparison.

Only the new growth up top is twisted.

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Looks fine. Might be a minor pH issue but probably nothing. Leaves turning is usually a sign of ph issues. But when new growth is coming in, depending on how fast, it’s common to look a little funky. Turned or even bright/lime green. During transition tips are normally bright/lime because there’s no chlorophyll in them yet. The plant can grow faster than chlorophyll spreads, mine always do during transition.

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When I do a slurry test I dig down a little in the soil and use distilled water. Just my 2 cents.


I gotta say, when I transplanted her, she showed zero signs of shock. Mind you I’m brand new, but no coloration or wilting, nothing. She’s grown about 6" in 5 days

Definitely going to do one like that before nutes next feed.

@Deepsix is correct. To get an accurate slurry test you need to use distilled (0 ppm) water and get 2 inches deep. Equal parts soil and distilled water mixed and let sit 24 hours. To get accurate root zone pH. This is not a good test for ppms though. When you feed/water till run off and toss the first 5%. Then test the runoff is how you get accurate readings on what she is eating (ppm). You don’t want dried up salts that get washed out messing up your readings. That’s why you toss the initial run off.


Jesus, I just remembered something when I watered this morning. I gave her flower nutes last time because until last weekend, her and her newly flowering sister got all the same stuff, and I forgot to make 2 SEPERATE feeds last week. Dumb rookie mistake. 99% sure it’s a little nute burn. She only got a quarter shot of FF flower, so it should bounce back real quick. Gave her just water with calmag, kelp and a little molasses this morning. Gonna be gone all day so will check on her before lights out. Will update.