Yellow spots on plant leaves


A question from a fellow grower:

I have some yellow spots on my plant leaves. I am growing in the 4.0 Cash Crop Box. I have read various explanations for this from what I have read. This is my first grow and am nervous about this and also my PH level which is 7.0. I am doing the hydroponic system and growing 5 Gold Leaf plants. I am in my second grow week and Saturday will be the start of my 3rd week.
Should I be worried? or is this normal? Is it something I can fix if needed?
I change the tank to just water for the last day or so. I’s the one gallon tank.
Any advice? I wanted to take a picture but not sure how to attach it. Thanks…


7.0 pH is way too hih for hydroponics, the target pH for hydroponics is 5.8



I am going to put some Epsom salt in today to bring the ph down a little. I think the day and a half of just water may have helped a little. Still any input would be great.


You need to bring the pH down to 5.8, this is almost certainly the cause of the spots.



You probably need something other than epsom salts to bring your pH down. And we could know what else you are putting in your reservoir? What type of nutrients and at what concentration? What type of water? Just tap water? Distilled water might be a better choice, the tap water is likely too high in dissolved solids that are contributing to a high pH. You will probably need an acid to bring your pH down, buying an actual pH down product will be best, but distilled vinegar can work in a pinch. There are other better alternatives to distilled vinegar, but I’ll give you those recommendations after I have better information form you and only if you can’t easily buy a genuine “pH down” product, as this would actually be best.