Yellow spots on only 1 of my plants should i separate it?

Hello only 1 of my plants has this problem going on and im not sure what it is, i just lost a whole crop to PM so im alittle scared and want to know if i should get this plant out of the tent ASAP or is it somthing that i can cure.

6.6 PH
45% rh
24/7 lights
ocean forest mixed with happy frog?
5G grow bags
300-500PPM after cal mag and Ph down going into the pots. currently not adding any food until the ocean forest runs out

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Have you sprayed anything on that plant or maybe splashed nutes when watering? You say your’e using CalMag?

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Yes, i have been using cal mag with almost every watering at only about half the bottle recommended amount. And i have been paying attention to that making sure not to splash anything so im not sure… i only addd ph down and cal mag to my water right now. and no sprays

What kind of water are you using? And most Cal/Mags can be used full strength. Look at the pic of the Calcium deficiency.

Tap water its comming out the sink at 300-400PPM

Are you letting the tap water sit for at least 24 hours before watering with it?

yes i have been i normally let it sit for even longer somtimes its just so weird only 1 of my 12 plants have this going on. i have 3 strains going but the other 2 of the same strain dont have any spots

nevermind i just checked and all my plants that are around that same size have somthing similar but nothing to the extent of this plant the others is only on the lowest leaves but looks the same and the tops look perfect so only my younger plants that are about 20-30 days behind the others have this issue going on

just so worried about this affecting my other plants =/ i see some small spots on my other small plants around the bottom on the first set of leaves they grow after the round ones. nothing on my big plants maybe one spot if that

It’s not contagious - I think it’s just a deficiency… I’ve had identical clones have separate issues… who know?

Ok yea very strange, only my newer plants seem to have this and the one in the pic is the only one it’s all over weird maybe I put them into the ocean forest. Happy frog mix too soon

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