Yellow spots on leaves... need help with diagnosis

RDWC system
RO water - 0ppms to start
Canna Nutes
Day 9 in buckets
1000w light running at 60%
PH consistantly at 6.0
PPM 350
Temp range 65° off 73° on
Water temp 65°- 70°
RH range 58%-64%

These yellow spots popped up almost over night. 2 outta 4 plants have them. They’re the 2 closest to the humidifier incase that helps. I also plan on using Trifecta crop control on them just have not started spraying yet as im not to sure on how early I should start. Im a first timer and dont really have anyone to physically help me out so I’ve brought it to the forums

. Any help identifying the issue and any remedy would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!!

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First, Welcome to ILGM forum. I’m probably not the one to be able to help. What I can do is suggest taking pics of plants with natural light or just flash from camera. The color of your pics will make it a little more difficult to diagnose issues. :v::+1:

I would definitely be adding nutrients to your water. Whatever the Canna feed chatt says for veg is where I would be at. Probably around 700ppm I would assume. Whenever a plant is under a high performance light she will really eat through the calcium. If your using R/O water then its stripped of its calcium. That’s what the spotting is on your leaf I would imagine. Bump your nutes up and I think you’ll see her do better. Just remember that a damaged leaf does not fix itself, so you have to look at new growth to see if you’ve corrected the problem