Yellow spots on 1 plant and some curling leaves

So right now they germinated on March 21st I have 4 plants. This amnesia haze I can’t get to bulk up on the stem and it has some yellow brownish spots on two leaves. I water once a day. Been using dyna gro grow formula every other day. The temp stays between 70-77 Fahrenheit. Humidity around 50%. I use a general purpose potting soil for indoor or outdoor plants. T5 light bulbs at 6500k light spectrum right now 18 on 6 off schedule. I’m curious if the other vegetables I have in my grow room are having a negative effect on my money plants? I also recently added some homemade CO2 action which seems to have helped the others sprout up a bit more and get more bulk to them.

The other 3 seem to be doing much better than the amnesia haze. The blue berry had a problem with a seed cap that didn’t wanna come off organically but the northern lights and the gold leaf have been fine from the get go.


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Cut back on feeding her every other day. Some strains can handle what your giving them and some can’t and the amnesia haze can’t. just give her water for a while then go back to feeding her only 1/2 strienght to start with and add a little more each feeding to you reach full strienght.



Ok cool. Thanks I figured it was something like that since all the rest are doing good. Thank you for the input. On the dynagro feed schedule it looks like I should going to the bloom nutrients in another week or 2 should I stay on that schedule?


One other thing, you never mentioned what type of soil thete in. This also could be s factor. If the N in the n p k is high then what your adding makes it worse.
As for the the Bloom your not ready for at least 3 to 5 weeks away.

I added some more rocks to the mix so it would retain water as bad and hopefully help drain some. That was something I saw online is that it was caused but the roots staying too wet.

You are in all likelihood experiencing nute burn from the soil and feeding. I would suggest that when you transplant you use a different soil; one that is more in line with growing mj. You want something that has no fertilizer and no moisture control. There are hundreds of soils that will work.

Fertilizers added to soil will grow mj but the problem is the chemical fertilizers impart a harsh taste to the smoke.

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Y’all got any suggestions for controlling fruit flies/ nats? Little bastards are wanting to move in. @garrigan62 @Myfriendis410 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster

Both worked like a charm for me



First , just as I thought , your soil is to hot see where it says FEEDS UP TO 6 MONTHS. Never use that for seedlings’

Here are a few things foe your Gnat or Fruit Fly

Cut up a potatoe into slices and place on your soil.


  1. Spread a layer of aquarium gravel or very coarse sand over the top of the infested dirt in the plant pot. Pick a color to accent your room décor. Fruit flies lay their eggs in topsoil, where the young hatch. The gravel or sand particles will prevent newly hatched larvae from climbing out of the soil. They soon die and interrupt this cycle.

2 Color both sides of a 3-by-5-inch index card solid yellow with a highlighter. Glue or staple one end of a wood craft stick to one side of the card to create a plant stake. Smear enough petroleum jelly on each side of the yellow card to coat it thickly and evenly. Poke the stake into your potted plant’s dirt. Fruit flies are attracted to yellow sticky traps.

  1. Pour about 1/4 inch apple cider vinegar, fruit juice or beer into a disposable plastic cup. Add a drop of liquid dish soap, and stir to blend thoroughly. Cover the cup loosely with plastic wrap. Secure with a rubber band. Poke some holes in the plastic wrap with a toothpick.

  2. Set the trap near the infested plant. Fruit flies are attracted to fermentation and cannot resist these traps. The bugs enter the holes, touch down on the liquid and drown. Even though the critters are light enough to walk on water, the soap in the solution breaks the surface tension and prevents their escape.

  3. Monitor your watering practices carefully. You may be loving your plants too much. Give just enough water to keep them from wilting. Fruit flies are attracted to damp dirt. Eggs and larvae present in soil cannot survive if it doesn’t remain moist at all times.

  4. Empty plant saucers immediately after watering to prevent moisture from accumulating in the area. The dirt in the pot will also tend to dry out a little, further discouraging fruit fly infestation.

Things You Will Need
?Aquarium gravel or very coarse sand
?3-by-5 index cards
?Yellow highlighter
?Glue or stapler
?Wood craft stick
?Petroleum jelly
?Apple cider vinegar, fruit juice or beer
?Disposable plastic cup
?Liquid dish soap
?Plastic wrap
?Rubber band


The intensity from my LEC within a few days will normally kill them never had that issue whatever I was running LEDs @garrigan62 has you covered :wink:


You always have the best information, Will!

@garrigan62 like always, gave you fantastic info.

I would only add that gnats are often a symptom of over watering. Allowing your soil to dry out will ultimately do the most for you.


That is exactly what happens. Good call @Myfriendis410


Awesome thanks a lot guys. I’m working to do this to supplement my income so I’m trying to get the most yields I can out of these.

What is the yield y’all typically get from plants that are are 5 foot tall or so? I understand it could be complete shit if you don’t take care of them but just round about? @garrigan62 @Hogmaster @Myfriendis410 @budsnopain

That’s tough to pin down depending on the strain, how it was handled, how it was grown etc. Figure around 8 ounces of manicured bud minimum.

Blueberry AF going strong.

Northern lights AF is about a week or so behind the blueberry in flowering. Finally got my humidity under control and a few more lights set up.