Yellow spots, lower leaves auto blueberry

Please advise on what may be going on and thank you in advance. In addition to the help ticket items below I am also using Fox Farm Grow Big on the heavy feeding schedule. Germination began on August 1st. This plant is the tallest compared to others in tent (another auto blueberry, auto northern lights, auto amnesia haze).

I’m also using an organic fertilizer with calcium in it.

Here are a few pics of the leaves of concern.

• What strain → autoflower blueberry from IloveGM

• Method → fox farm soil

• Vessels → 5gal grow bags on top of drying rack inside a 2’×2’ spider farmer tent

• PH of Water → ~6.8 well water, ~350ppm TDS

• Indoor

• SF-1000D Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, running 24/7, 18" gap between light and tallest plant

• Temps; Day–> ~80f Night–>~75f

• Humidity–> 60-70%RH

• Ventilation system; Yes,

• AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier–> available

• Co2; No


I don’t understand what you’re asking about as I can’t really see any problems. Welcome to the forum! I’ll tag a few more people and bring them in on this and ask them to. @Hellraiser @AfgVet @oldmarine @Covertgrower


In the first two leaf pictures you can see some small yellow spots. The third picture is of the entire plant showing it seems healthy except for these spots just on the lower leaves.


Check for insects. If not, I wouldn’t worry about it. Good looking plant. Happy growing…


Good looking plant. Some leaves just have natural variation too. So if there’s no pests, I would chalk it up to that.
Happy growing!


As long as you don’t have any bugs I’d say it’s completely natural and just keep doing what you’re doing


I am new to this but it looks like your fertilizer is 3-5_6 which I understand would be used when flowering.