Yellow spots happening fast

I just came back from vacation had my kid watering. What do i need to do?

Likely cause is water droplets ‘lensing’ and burning those spots on the leaves.

Its been pretty dry here. I had a mold problem
Early. Thought mayb it was back and just hard to see.

If those spots rub off then you have some outside contaminant. I remember someone worried about spots on his outdoor plant and it turned out to be ‘bee poop’.

If you do suspect wpm then 3% peroxide is your little buddy.

Do i spray it on or dump in soil

Quite a few leaves have turmed yellow and falling off

Your plant is flowering. Within the next couple of weeks the plant will likely drop all or most of it’s original (fan) leaves as it continues to produce flower. The plant is on it’s terminal part of the life cycle and is headed towards senescence (death). Leaves will yellow and be released by the plant. You can also remove them yourself to prevent disease.

If you are in a wet fall climate you may want to consider spraying a dilute peroxide/water solution to prevent wpm and bud rot from forming. It’s kind of counter-intuitive as you are adding water instead of the opposite. If conditions are dry then no issues. I’d start with 2 Tablespoons in a quart of distilled water (distilled not necessary if you mix and use right away–particulates in tapwater render peroxide inert)

If you have not been monitoring and treating for insect pests you may be in for a bad time come harvest: there are numerous butterfly and moth vectors that like nothing more than to lay eggs on plants. They burrow into flower and carry in mold spores: bud rot. You might want to look into some kind of preventative for that as well. I recommend for caterpillars:

For mites/aphids:

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Thank you. I take care of them
Like their my kids. Soend time with them
Everyday getting rid of anything if their on it. Appreciate the advice

I’m almost positive you have Leaf Septoria. Most likely caused by the soil being overwatered while you were away. It seems to hit plants that are low in nitrogen from rain etc.

I would give it a shot of fertilize, remove any dead and dying leaves and watch it close.