Yellow specks on marijuana plant


Some advice for a fellow grower:

I am a first time grower from Scotland, currently have 3 x big buddah
blue cheese feminised seeds under a 125w CFL in a 60x60x140cm tent. I am
on day 15 and just transplanted upto a 8" pot last night. Am using bio
bizz all mix soil and bio bizz nutes but not used any yet.

recently I have noticed yellow specks on 2 out or 3 of my plants, I am a bit concerned about what it could be?


It is most likely a pH related issue. What is the pH of the water you give it, the pH of the nutrient mix after it has been mixed with the water, and finally what is the pH in the soil?


I don’t have a PH meter but I will buy one… It’s only on the bottom leaves 2 on each plant… It’s very crispy and dry to touch… All 3 got their first feed last night… I was informed to only use 1ml of biogrow as I am using bio bizz all mix… Can anyone confirm this? Sorry for all the noob questions lol


It looks more like a Calcium deficiencies . You can add one teaspoon of Dolomite lime or a garden lime to one quart of water should solve your problem.



Calcium deficiencies can be caused by pH.