Yellow seedings

I have some littles looking yellows no nutes going in yet just ph water at 6.5.

Not all of them are like this but these are stunted others in the same soil same water are thriving

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Are they all the same strain?

Yes. I have 4 strains and it’s happening to at least one tray in each strain so it’s very random.

Out of 20k about 2k are yellowing

What soil are you using? It looks really chunky. Does your soil have any nutes in it? What is your water source ie tap water, rain water, ro etc.

Do you mean out of 20000 plants 2000 are yellowing? Is that straight soil or a mix? If it’s a mix it’s possible that the mixture didn’t get mixed good and it’s heavy or light in certain ingredients

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How much soil is in each little pod? They could be ready to transplant

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Looks hungry to me.

It’s a mix that’s what I was thinking it’s def not the best for seedlings it’s retaining too much moisture but I’ve been letting them dry out to avoid pests/rot. I fed them a low dose of nutes yesterday so im hoping that helps. It got cold last night so everything is looking cold and droopy

They’re are 5” deep so they have room to go still

Hope it’s just that! I got them some nutes in there so I hope that’s all it is

Yeah the soil sucks and we are on well water 6.5ph growth science nutes the soil came with some nutes in it. An accidental buy :frowning:

If the soil came precharged with nutes, you shouldn’t need to be feeding yet. Have the cotilydons yellowed up and died off yet?

They are yellowing right now