Yellow patches on leaves (2nd week of veg) HELP!

Second week of vegetive state and these patches have appeared (Red Cherry Berry). Soil but no nutrients added yet. Can anyone help? thanks

Give it some time, someone will be along to help. I don’t grow in soil

Do you spray anything on your leaves. Looks like light burn.

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no, nothing sprayed on them until after the patches appeared (I then tried some Mighty Wash)

What type of soil? FFoF is known for issues. Maybe your soil is too rich.

Tropic Mix - which I’ve used before with no problems (medium fertilisation, 40% coco, 60% peat).

And thanks!

I’d just watch it. Don’t over water. If the uppermost leaves are still fine, the plant may just grow through the issues. Check the height and power of the light. Plants will naturally perspire and maybe you’ve got some light burn on the tender new leaves.

Many thanks. I hope it’s as simple as that.

Maybe when watered got some on the leaves? And welcome to the forum!

I had a similar issue growing auto AK in soil. I raised my lights and that helped.